“I want this store to appreciate my being here.” We all want to be appreciated and liked. Make sure all customers get some attention for the full time they’re in your store. If you know it, call the person by name. Now, this doesn’t mean to be pesty with a lot of idle chatter. Talk just enough to let customers know you’re truly glad of their presence.

“I want to anticipate a repeat visit.” So impressed by the comfort and warmth extended, a customer likes to feel compelled to make a mental note to return — so as to have the same pleasure in the future. You can help bring about this feeling with a sincere comment when a customer is leaving. “We’re so glad you came in. Please return soon!”

“I want this shooting merchandise store to seem as though it’s mine.” When a store has highly efficient employees, pleasant surroundings and a full line of merchandise, customers automatically like buying merchandise there. After being in the shop a few times, they learn where certain items are placed and automatically walk to that area. As they move about the store, they hear a friendly voice speaking to them. They feel comfortable (welcomed!) — and they’re glad to be there.