Guncrank Live Top 5

A Look Back At Our Most Watched Episodes

For those who haven’t been around for a while, Guncrank Live is a bi-weekly video series where our resident guncranks have fun, interesting and relaxed discussions on guns, current events and more. Take a look back at our top 5 most-watched videos, then send us your suggestion for what topic you’d like to see next!

5. Hiding Your Guns & What Not To Shoot

Resident Gun Cranks Brent Wheat, Tom McHale and Roy Huntington discuss ways to hide and secure guns in the house. Plus, targets that you just shouldn’t shoot.

4. Shooting In Mexico & Federal's New 30 Super Carry Ammunition

The Gun Cranks explain why shotguns are still cool, banter about Federal Ammunition’s new 30 Super Carry and Roy tells of his exploits of shooting in Mexico.

3. Should You Carry Where You Shouldn't?

Our resident Gun Cranks — Brent Wheat, Tom McHale and Roy Huntington answer that question. Plus, which air gun is best and how much hot air do you really need?

2. Is It Stupid To Carry Two Guns?

Resident Gun Cranks Brent Wheat, Tom McHale & Roy Huntington question whether or not carrying two guns is smart or stupid.

1. Pistol Braces ... Will They Be Banned?

What Should We Do? Join the Gun Cranks — Brent Wheat, Tom McHale and Roy Huntington as they discuss what the outlook is for the controversial pistol brace, plus tips & tricks on how to survive the summer heat while shooting at the range.

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