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(847) 420-7065

Breadcrumb’s Location Marker is built rugged for the outdoors. The powerful microprocessor allows a user to track locations with a free mobile app, and remotely activate light and/or sound beacons. If gear or a stand is out of eyesight, the user simply activates the sound beacon to reveal the Marker’s location. The molded case features a variety of latch-down options for easy attachment to stands, blinds or gear and Bluetooth technology allows users to easily track Location Markers up to 150 yards away. It is operated by two AAA batteries, and a rubber O-ring seal locks out the elements.


Hawke Optics

(877) 429-5347

Hawke Optics’ Airmax 30 SF Compact series scopes are all built of a shortened 30mm main mono-tube with a wide-angle view. The scopes are 16-layer fully multicoated for maximum light transmission and clarity. Side focus control with infinite parallax adjustment and a 3” wheel allow users to make focus adjustments with minimal movement. The 1/10 MRAD capped, resettable target turrets facilitate an easy return to zero. The AMX IR reticles are glass-etched and have red illumination with six levels of brightness and an off position between each level. Each scope is fully nitrogen purged and is water-, shock- and fog-proof. Three models are available: the 3-12×40 SF, the 4-16×44 SF and the 6-24×50 SF.

Olight Technology Co.

(770) 779-7156

The PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie is a compact rechargeable weaponlight with an adjustable rail, which the user can adjust to any length and make it compatible with most pistols (including subcompacts). It delivers a maximum output of 600 lumens, and a beam distance of 100 meters. With a quick attach and release mounting system, install and removal is accomplished within one second. The PL-MINI 2 is powered by a built-in lithium polymer battery, which can be charged through Olight’s magnetic charging port located at the bottom of the light.

Butler Creek

(800) 423-3537

Butler Creek’s ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader (EML) is now available. Users simply fill the EML’s 60-round hopper with loose .223/5.56 rounds, select the desired round count and press a button. The machine automatically orientates the ammunition and loads the magazine. With an easy-to-set round selection menu from 1 to 40, the ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader is faster, more accurate and easier on the thumbs than handloading. It can load 30 rounds in 45 seconds, and works with most AR-15/M-16 magazines. It offers dual power supply via an AC adapter or lithium-ion batteries.


Hammerli Arms Inc.

(479) 242-8500

The Hammerli TAC R1 22 C rifle features a 13″ free-float M-LOK handguard, folding backup sights, removable flash hider with 1/2×28 threads, minimalist adjustable stock with QD sling point and ergonomic grip. It also boasts all-aluminum construction of the handguard, upper and lower receivers as well as a closed triggerguard. The 1/2×28 pre-installed thread adapter allows for the immediate use of a suppressor. The adjustable gas system allows the user to tune the rifle to various loads of ammo by only adjusting one screw; ideal for tuning for suppressed use and sub-sonic loads. OAL is 35.83″ and it weighs 89.95 oz. (w/ empty magazine).


Zanders Sporting Goods

(800) 851-4373

Zanders Sporting Goods announced an exclusive shotgun offering from TriStar Arms: The Viper G2 in camo with a blued barrel and receiver. The Zanders’ Viper G2 is a gas-piston-operated semi-automatic shotgun chambered for .410 bore. A 28″ barrel and ventilated rib sight with fiber-optic bead front round out this distinctive offering. The shotgun weighs 5 lbs., 8 oz. and has a 6 lb., 9 oz. trigger pull.


Boyds Hardwood Gunstock

(605) 996-5011

Boyds recently released a bottom metal allowing Boyds stocks to accept Ruger American rifles with the AI-style magazines. The bottom metal comes with a black anodized, CNC-machined aluminum bottom metal and triggerguard. The magazine catch is polished, CNC-machined aluminum to allow for a tight grasp. The bottom metal is designed to fit the Boyds stocks without any fitting or alterations. The bottom metal kit also allows other Ruger American rifles to be converted to allow the use of the Ruger AI-style magazines when they are assembled to a Boyds stock.



(615) 697-9328

NoSweat’s disposable performance liners for hats, helmets, hard hats and visors absorb sweat instantly and prevent odors, stains and even acne. The liners simply peel and stick to the inside of headwear. Moisture is locked inside the liner to help prevent dripping sweat, fogging, sweat stains and more. Depending on activity, each liner can last anywhere from one round of golf to two weeks of standard hat use. The liners also preserve hats and keep the inside looking as fresh as the day it was bought. Each NoSweat liner absorbs around 2 oz. of sweat. They are sold in packs of three or 25.


Real Avid

(800) 286-0567

The 4-in-1 Tool for GLOCK from Real Avid holds four essential tools for any GLOCK owner. The spring-loaded design releases one tool at a time for required uses. With this tool, it’s easy to remove pins, change out front sights, remove slide lock springs and locking blocks and adjust aftermarket rear sights. The tools included are: 3/32″ pin punch, micro Allen for aftermarket sights, magnetic 3/16″ hex drive for front sights and flat blade screwdriver for prying the slide-lock spring.



(844) 692-4667

GPO USA’s RangeGuide 10X50 compact laser rangefinding binocular boasts exceptional clarity as well as ranging on reflective targets out to nearly 1.75 miles. The Class 1 laser provides instant readings with true-range angle technology to calculate the proper distance to the target. Scan mode provides three readings per second via the OLED display. Ambient temperature is shown in either Fahrenheit or Celsius to help with shot placement. The display provides the line-of-sight distance as well as the adjusted distance, angle or temperature selected. The binocular has diopter focus adjustments on both left and right sides and GPO’s premium cut-brass-geared focus-wheel system for a very tight, consistent turning radius without any free-play.


Asp Inc.

(800) 236-6243

The 16340 lithium-ion battery inside the Sentinel e3 and Sentinel X e3 — ASP’s first triple-fuel flashlights — recharges inside the light to provide a steady output of 400 lumens. The rechargeable battery can be swapped for a CR123A disposable cell or an AA battery (use of backup battery options results in decreased lumen output). Like all ASP lights, the Sentinel is designed for real-world simplicity: all light modes are accessible via a single tail switch. A half-press turns the light on in momentary mode, a full press enables constant-on mode. The “Double Tap” feature activates a low light setting on the Sentinel, or a strobe on the Sentinel X.


SME By GSM Outdoors

(877) 269-8490

The Bullseye Wi-Fi Scope Cam works with conventional spotting scopes to provide live-view target and shot-tracking functionality in a smaller, cost-efficient platform. It’s a high-definition video camera that secures to most spotting scopes with a 1 to 2.25″ diameter eyepiece. Once the scope is focused on the target, the Wi-Fi Scope Cam installs securely onto the eyepiece. Users can establish a Wi-Fi connection between the camera and a mobile device/tablet, and then initiate the free Bullseye Target Manager app. The Wi-Fi Scope Cam is powered by an integral rechargeable lithium battery capable of sustaining operation for 8–10 hours between charges.


Pietta Firearms.

(800) 430-1310

Pietta Firearms unveiled the 1873 SA Series, designed for long-lasting reliability and accuracy, and easily interchangeable with the “Old West” originals. The series is available in .45 Colt, .357 Mag., .44-40 Win., .44 Mag., .22 Mag. and .22 LR as well as a multitude of design options.


Deadpoint Lights

(586) 799-4753

Designed specifically for GLOCK 42 handguns, the DeadPoint GLOCK 42 Guide Rod Weapon Light replaces the GLOCK factory guide rod with an internal weapon light and guide rod assembly. Its integrated assembly enables users to add a flashlight without having to purchase another holster. Materials include: 303 stainless steel guide rod, Cree LED, upgraded recoil spring, 9V battery, extended takedown lever and ambidextrous on/off control.



(800) 225-9626

Pachmayr’s Aluminum Competition Speedloaders for revolvers has added a six-shot Smith & Wesson N-Frame option to its line. They’re precision CNC machined from solid aluminum and are cut in a polygon shape to produce the smallest possible outside dimensions, allowing them to easily fit compact revolvers. The Speedloaders are also equipped with a rattle eliminating O-ring which contacts the cartridge bases and firmly holds the rounds in place. Cartridges are released with a simple twist of the large knurled knob.


Samson Manufacturing

(888) 665-4370

Samson Manufacturing has released the Offset Light Mount (OLM). The Samson OLM, originally produced to mount a light on the Ruger PC Carbine, works equally well on any long gun using a M1913 Picatinny rail. With the 90-degree offset, it’s easy to add a weapon-mounted flashlight. On the Ruger PC Carbine, the OLM allows continued use of the sling swivel stud. The OLM is made from 6061-T6 aluminum with a MIL-A-8625 type III class 2 anodized finish.


MC3 Stocks

(877) 365-6148

The Mc3 Tradition Stock is available in short- and long-action Remington 700 rifles with a factory hinged floor plate and a molded barrel channel in Sporter/Magnum, respectively. The Mc3 stock upgrades the original Remington 700 with a completely solid stock constructed from a state-of-the-art proprietary polymer blend called Zenolite. The Mc3 Tradition Stock weighs 2.8–3 lbs., has a fixed length of pull of 13.5″, is available in a Standard BDL or Deluxe BDL, includes a 1″ McMillan recoil pad by Pachmayr, two front sling studs and one rear sling stud. New finish options (long action) include tan, olive, Carbon Fiber Black, Painted FDE Transition, Painted Sonoran Transition (pictured) and Painted Woodland Transition.


Hatsan USA

(877) 278-4448

Imported by Hatsan USA, the Escort DF12 auto-loading shotgun features a five-piece multi-choke system to accommodate heavy slugs and light bird shot. Weighing just 8.9 lbs., the semi-auto DF12 runs on a gas-powered system, but without the added bulk of a tube below the barrel. It’s chambered in 3″ Magnum and will cycle both 3″ and 2.75″ loads without hesitation. It comes outfitted with an Escort standard oxidation-proof, chrome-plated drilled steel 18″ barrel. A reversible bolt-cocking handle enables ambidextrous operation, and the upper receiver’s forend houses Picatinny rails for shooting accessories.


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