“U.S. Firearms Industry
Today Report”
Tops July Shooting Industry


Featured in the upcoming July issue, Shooting Industry’s exclusive “U.S. Firearms Industry Today” report delves into the ATF’s 2021 Annual Firearms Manufacturing & Export Report (the most recent data available). This annual assessment reveals the top U.S. manufacturers across all major firearms categories, as well as import and export data. Dealers will glean insights from this reader favorite with charts and figures providing a visual breakdown.

Key takeaways from the report reveal a record 12,511,637 firearms were produced in 2021. On the revolver front, more than 1 million revolvers were produced for the first time: Heritage Manufacturing dominated the category generating 42% of all revolver production. Totaling 675,426, shotgun production was at its highest since 2016, and had a year-over-year increase of 41.7%. Ruger produced the most long guns — 736,693 total. In the export realm, SIG SAUER stayed on top of U.S. manufacturers with 102,515 firearms sent overseas.

Gun-care products represent an important add-on sales driver for gun shops and shooting ranges. Bryan Hendricks interviews both retailers and manufacturers to share sales tips and the trends they’re seeing in this popular add-on category.

Is there a clear winner when it comes to compounds vs. crossbows? Carolee Anita Boyles offers a closer look at the bowhunting category and discovers while crossbows have experienced significant growth, compounds are for serious bowhunters, and have surged once again since the pandemic. A recent report from the ATA revealed there is an estimated 3.7 million bowhunters, so opportunity abounds for business in this growing segment.

FMG Publications’ Digital Content Editor Ashley McGee offers “Google Analytics Help” in the July issue. The article will feature the best practices, key differences and where dealers can go to learn more about Google Analytics 4, which officially replaces Universal Analytics on July 1.

Massad Ayoob introduces Boondocks Firearms Training Academy in Raymond, Miss., and how it’s achieving success in the Personal Defense Market column. Nancy Keaton encourages dealers, and the industry, not to forget about those customers with money, namely older women with a lot more disposable income than younger ones, in the Arms & The Woman installment. And inspired by a reader letter, Tim Barker aims to plug a “content hole” concerning NFA products when he talks to a panel of dealers in Best Practices.

SI’s highly anticipated mid-year business edition provides dealers with a timely assessment of industry trends. Reserve space for a marketing message in the July issue before the May 30 deadline.

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