Taking Care Of The Small Details

Good news: many stores and ranges host women-only events. Bad news: many stores and ranges host women-only events. Simply, hosting an event for women is no longer enough to stand out from the competition.

Ashley McGee, SI contributing editor and marketing consultant, observes events for women have “become the expectation, not the exception anymore.” The difference is found in the smaller details, she contends.

“In my conversations with dealers over the years, the ones who stand out are the ones who think about the seemingly small details, like making sure there are fitting rooms if they carry apparel,” she said. “Women’s clothing sizing is often inconsistent compared to men’s and it’s nice to have the option of trying things on in-store versus having to take them home and return/exchange them.”

Female representation in marketing efforts and social media posts is another way stores can stand out.

“When searching for potential dealers to interview, I can’t tell you how many websites and social media accounts I’ve looked at that don’t include a single picture of a woman,” McGee said.