“On-Demand” Printing Available From FMG


FMG’s nearly 70 years of content combined with print-on-demand technology creates unique opportunities to offer specialty print publications for manufacturers and a legion of readers who have a passion for firearms.

American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine are really just the faces of a huge archive — a gold mine, if you will — of past articles, information, commentary and more, mostly focused on key companies in our industry,” lends FMG Special Projects Editor Roy Huntington. “In the past we’ve assembled cover articles, feature articles, columns and related content on vendors like Smith & Wesson, Les Baer Custom and others, drawing on this current and classic resource into custom books for clients.

A custom ‘book’ from FMG will allow your customers, readers of all types and anyone interested in guns, ammo, hunting, etc., to read all about your company — all in one location. The books are a celebration covering a single topic or manufacturer from over 70+ years of GUNS Magazine and 45+ years of American Handgunner archives.”

FMG recently published The Best Of Les Baer Custom, created exclusively for Les Baer customers and fans. It’s a prime example of current publishing capabilities. The 173-page full-color book features Les Baer’s extraordinary journey of producing finely crafted guns, as documented in the pages of American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine from 1995–2023. A special foreword from Huntington, the retired editor of American Handgunner, is included as well.

“If you’d like to see your company’s history with us neatly bundled in one, attractive book — just let us know,” Roy continues. “It’s fast, easy and very affordable. And once it’s finished, you can have as many printed editions as you like, with no minimum order and, of course, readers can easily access the digital version anywhere in the world!”

Truly, the most “challenging” part about creating these unique publications is sorting through the decades of archives to select the right content for each book. Custom books can be created for most any gun or accessory related topic and personalized for individual manufacturers. Depending on demand, a single copy — or hundreds — can be ordered from a client’s site, FMG Publications and Amazon.

Contact your sales representative for more information or email advertising@fmghq.com.

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