Digital Marketing Refresh


They each have their pros and cons, but spring is probably my favorite season. March Madness, college baseball (Go Gamecocks!) and turkey hunting season rank high on my list, plus the humidity in the South Carolina Lowcountry is actually bearable for a few short weeks.

Naturally, spring cleaning also comes to mind, which is why for the April issue of Shooting Industry, I wrote about how now is the perfect opportunity for companies to review and refresh their digital marketing strategies.

A marketing audit will allow you to see what is and isn’t working and leave you more open to finding opportunities and trying new things that might work better.

Has your banner ad campaign performance plateaued? Try changing up the creative or the call to action. Or, test out a more dynamic solution like a sponsored video series.

Did yet another one of your social media posts get removed for a “content violation?” An email marketing campaign is a great way to reach a more qualified and engaged audience.

Want more control over what’s being said about your brand or product online? Unlike editorial coverage, sponsored articles allow you to have guaranteed placement and final approval prior to publication.

I know the word “audit” — especially during tax season — sounds scary, but you aren’t in it alone. Your ad rep can help identify creative marketing solutions to help maximize your budget. Advertising inventory is limited, so get in touch today!

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