New Hunters On The Way?


During a press event at SHOT Show, NSSF, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), Delta Waterfowl and Savage Arms cited recent innovative programs that are attracting significant numbers of new hunters.

“We’re seeing many positive signs that show there’s hope for the future of hunting,” said Jim Curcuruto, NSSF’s director of research and market development. “New research and programs show many people are motivated to give hunting a try. They tell us it’s an activity to be enjoyed with family and friends, that hunting provides healthful meat for their tables and it allows them to put their busy lives on hold for a time to recharge and reconnect with the outdoors and nature.”

Representing USFWS, Wildlife Biologist Tom Decker shared his agency — along with state wildlife agencies — have made a concerted effort to open access to hunters.

“In 2020, more than 460 million acres of state-owned lands will be available to hunters, and federal agencies are making it easier to access federal lands as well,” he said. “The agencies are using mapping technology to provide better information on where to access land, and apps such as onX Hunt have maps that make it easy to find available lands as well.”

NSSF’s +ONE Movement mentoring program, Delta Waterfowl’s HunteR3 Initiative and Savage’s Generation Grit mentorship recognition effort have been successful in gaining interest from non-traditional audiences.

Delta Waterfowl’s HunteR3 Initiative has made several inroads through its three-pronged approach. Its First Hunt Program has introduced more than 75,000 people to waterfowl hunting; the University Hunting Program teaches future wildlife management professionals who have no hunting experience about the role hunting plays in supporting wildlife conservation; Defend The Hunt defends against threats to hunting while working to increase quality access for hunters.

Joel Brice, Delta Waterfowl VP of waterfowl and hunter recruitment programs, noted: “The launch of our HunteR3 Initiative reaffirms Delta Waterfowl’s commitment to hunter recruitment, retention and reactivation.”

Generation Grit was Savage’s way of honoring mentors who share their expertise with new hunters, according to Savage Marketing Manager Beth Shimanski.

“Their efforts deserve to be recognized as they strive to help us all change the trend we’ve seen in hunting participation. The overwhelming response from mentors shows us there’s hope we can continue the uptick we’ve seen in the number of new hunters, especially younger hunters and women,” she noted.

Additionally, NSSF’s Hunting Heritage Trust Grant Program — which awarded five grants totaling $100,000 in 2019 — has provided a windfall to grant recipients. (Sportsmen’s Alliance, NWTF, Pheasants Forever, Georgia Wildlife Foundation and First Hunt Foundation were awarded grants last year.) For 2020, NSSF is accepting grant proposals through May 15. Visit for more information.

“State and federal wildlife agencies, along with many NGOs and conservation organizations, are doing terrific work recruiting new hunters, but the needle will move faster when more of the industry gets involved,” Curcuruto said. “The good news is the more manufacturers and retailers get involved in recruitment, the more new hunters we’ll have. It’s really that simple.” /
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Kinsey’s Adds Firearms To Distribution Network

Kinsey’s continues to evolve and add more business facets to strengthen the outdoor retailer. Its recent decision to distribute FFL items will offer customers the ability to utilize Kinsey’s two-warehouse network to stock their shelves with an even more versatile selection.

“We focus on listening to our customers and understanding their needs,” said Alex Cameron, Kinsey’s director of purchasing operations. “We’re always interacting with them, and asking them about the status of their business and what they’re seeing on a day-to-day basis. Our interactions, direct feedback and surveys brought this latest FFL distribution decision to life.”

Firearms arrived in February of this year, while ammunition and firearms accessories have been available for several months. Those dealers interested in partnering with Kinsey’s are encouraged to submit their FFL and open an account with Kinsey’s.
This past year, Kinsey’s strengthened their target archery assortment by 60%. Additionally, they’ve incorporated categories like camping and pet supplies.

“While archery will continue to be a core focus, there are now more reasons than ever to partner with Kinsey’s as an outdoor-industry distributor,” the company said in a press release. /

NSSF’s Project ChildSafe program recently provided 1,000 firearm safety kits and
ducational materials to assist Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s firearms safety initiative.
Pictured (l–r): NSSF Senior Director of Communications Bill Brassard, Mayor Hancock, NSSF
President and CEO Joe Bartozzi and Denver Executive Director of Public Safety Murphy Robinson.

NSSF’s Project Childsafe Assists City of Denver

The NSSF’s Project ChildSafe has provided 1,000 firearm safety kits and educational materials to assist Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s new firearms safety initiative. The effort, which launched Feb. 1, focuses on promoting firearms safety throughout the Denver area.

Project ChildSafe’s firearm safety kits include a gun lock and educational materials on a number of gun-safety topics. The kits are available from the Denver Police Department and other locations throughout the city.

“We’re thrilled to support this effort because safely and securely storing firearms when not in use works. It’s a real solution to help keep communities safer,” said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF’s CEO and president. “In recent years, fatal firearms accidents have dropped to historic lows. It’s a trend we’d like to see continue that starts with a community-shared responsibility and emphasis on education and safety training, helping to prevent accidents, theft and suicide.”

In addition to educational resources addressing secure storage options, suicide prevention and how-to firearms safety talks for children, the Project Childsafe website has many other gun-safety resources available.

For more than two decades, NSSF has partnered with law enforcement and other organizations in all 50 states to distribute more than 38 million free firearm safety kits, including gun locks.

ALLEN Company Launches New Archery Brands

The ALLEN Company is celebrating its 50th year in business by introducing eight archery brands to the industry. The company also has opened a new headquarters and distribution center in Louisville, Colo.

Three of the new “By ALLEN” brands encompass broadheads. The BloodRUSH line of broadheads has machined ports in the ferrule designed to promote hemorrhaging and larger blood trails after game has been shot. Stryke broadheads focus on improved flight dynamics for pinpoint accuracy downrange.

Velox broadheads improve upon past designs by fusing together the contact surfaces of ferrule, blade and retention collar in a locking manner that magnifies the impact strength and protects the broadhead from shearing forces.

Additional new ALLEN brands cover the crossbow, archery accessories and clothing markets.

Razor arrows and crossbow bolts are designed with high-grade components that help deliver precise accuracy downrange. The Titan line of products enhance the precision and protect the performance of bows and crossbows.

K’Netix tools are engineered for repetitive archery hand functions, and offer the user ergonomic range of motion —maximum energy and minimal movement. Terrain products are designed with intuitive compartmentalization and load mobility in mind, so outdoor gear becomes “a seamless part” of the consumer.

The Pulse line of gear is intended to minimize the stress of hunting or competitive archery by calming the shooter’s heart rate.

“We were able to isolate and analyze each respective product market segment in detail and ask ourselves, ‘How would we do this in a perfect world?’ The customer-proven response has been a testament to these brands and the creative strength of our internal team,” said Lee Betty, director of marketing at the ALLEN Company.

MTC Holsters Expands Brand Portfolio

MTC Holsters, maker of CrossBreed Holsters, marks its 15th anniversary by introducing a new holster brand into its product lineup — recently adding N82 Tactical Holsters and Magna-Arm Gun Mount to its growing brand portfolio.

Featuring an expansive durable leather backer to eliminate pressure points, N82 Tactical holsters include a neoprene core to stop damaging moisture from transferring to the firearm. A soft suede backing liner prevents skin irritation and ensures a comfortable all-day wear. These IWB holsters are offered in several models, including Original, Tuckable, Professional and Hers. They’re available for a wide range of handgun brands and models.

In addition to the N82 Holster lineup, MTC Holsters also produces the Magna-Arm Gun Mount. The Magna-Arm Gun Mount is a solution-based personal protection system that allows handguns and select long rifles (under 15 lbs.) to be mounted discretely and conveniently to numerous surfaces for easy reach and deployment. Utilizing a strong magnet and a mounting base treated with a protective rubber surface, the Magna-Arm Gun Mount secures firearms inside closets, behind headboards, beneath desks or tables and even to boats and tree stands for quick, no-fuss retrieval.

MTC Holsters continues to grow its CrossBreed line of deep concealment holsters for 2020 with the introduction of the Hybrid MT2 and Hybrid ST2 models featuring the groundbreaking Reckoning pocket. The Reckoning pocket design provides for multiple carry positions (strong side, appendix or cross draw) and can be easily converted from IWB to OWB configuration. /

KelTec Retires Iconic P11 Subcompact Pistol

KelTec has officially discontinued production of the P11 pistol, the industry’s first 9mm polymer pistol designed for concealed carry. The company says it has produced the last 300,000 units of the P11.

KelTec will continue to honor the P11 warranty, and original owners can still expect full-coverage servicing while replacement parts remain available.

Before KelTec developed the P11 in 1995, concealed-carry weapons were typically revolvers and heavy, steel-frame semi-automatics. These bulkier handguns carried a relatively small amount of ammunition. The release of the P11 introduced consumers to a never-before-seen lightweight, subcompact-framed pistol with 10 9mm rounds in a flush-fit magazine.

“KelTec stands for innovation. While the P11 paved the way for lightweight, maximum-capacity concealed-carry pistols, there’s always more fun and exciting possibilities ahead. We’re sad to see this one go, but excited for what’s next,” said a company news release.

In six years, the HAVA/NSSF Golf Tournament has raised more than $350,000 in
support of HAVA’s programs. This year’s outing had 146 industry attendees.

HAVA/NSSF Golf Tournament Raises $50,000 For Veterans

The NSSF announced its 6th Annual NSSF/HAVA Golf Classic to benefit Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) raised $50,000. The golf tournament, hosted once again by Bear’s Best Las Vegas, took place Sunday, Jan. 19, two days before the official opening of the 2020 SHOT Show.

HAVA, a 501(c)(3) organization formed by companies in the shooting and outdoor industry, supports disabled veterans as they work through their respective healing processes and reintegrate into civilian life. HAVA accomplishes this mission through guided hunts, target shooting events and other outdoor sports activities.

A total of 146 professionals from the firearms industry attended this year’s golf outing. Both individuals and four-person teams played the top-rated, Jack Nicklaus-designed course. In addition to entry fees, players raised funds for HAVA through a variety of contests and raffles for a chance of winning impressive prizes.

Georgia USA (Georgia Department of Economic Development) was a Silver sponsor of this year’s NSSF/HAVA Golf Classic. Bronze sponsors included Geissele Automatics, GLOCK, SIG SAUER and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

“With 2020’s funds, the NSSF/HAVA Golf Tournament has raised more than $350,000 in the six years we’ve held this event before SHOT Show,” said Chris Dolnack, NSSF SVP and CMO. “It’s one small way we can thank our country’s veterans for doing all they can to protect America’s freedoms, and we extend our thanks to the event’s sponsors for helping us continue this tradition of fundraising through this outing.”

Nosler Achieves ISO Certification

Nosler Inc. announced the company’s certification to the newly revised ISO 9001:2015. Nosler was audited by an independent registrar and presented their certificate in Nov. 2019.

ISO is recognized as one of the most rigorous and well-regarded standards for quality management systems. The certification will bolster Nosler’s efforts in maximizing efficiency and proficiency across all divisions from manufacturing, quality control, training, inspection, packaging and customer service. Annual surveillance audits will be conducted to ensure continual compliance with the standards.

“Nosler has always strived to provide the highest quality products for our customers,” said John Nosler, company president and COO. “Receiving ISO 9001:2015 certification provides a solid foundation to increase consistency and set the bar for quality in our industry.”

SIG SAUER Ammunition Wins Contracts

SIG SAUER Inc. announced the recent award of ammunition contracts for the U.S. Army and Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC), respectively.

The U.S. Army Contracting Command selected SIG for a $10 million firm-fixed priced contract to manufacture the MK 248 MOD 1 and MOD 0 .300 Win. Mag. ammunition for use in U.S. military sniper platforms.

“This award is validation of our state-of-the-art manufacturing that has resulted in the highest quality, and most precise ammunition delivering on-target accuracy for snipers in the field,” said Ron Cohen, SIG SAUER president and CEO.

SIG’s contract win to supply the FLETC totals up to $7.5 million. FLETC is the L.E. training entity operated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with locations throughout the U.S.

The SIG SAUER Ammunition awarded in the contract is: Elite Match Grade (.223 Rem. [77-gr.], .308 Win. [168-gr.]), Elite V-Crown JHP (.357 Mag. [125-gr], .357 SIG [125-gr.], .380 ACP [90-gr.], .40 S&W [165-gr.], 9mm [155-gr.; 147-gr.]), Elite Ball FMJ (.45 Auto [230-gr.], 9mm [124-gr.]), Law Enforcement Duty Ammo (.45 Auto +P, JHP [230-gr.]).

“It’s an honor for SIG SAUER to be recognized for our capabilities to deliver a wide selection of the highest quality, most precise ammunition to the foremost law enforcement training center in the U.S,” Cohen said.

Both contracts will be fulfilled at the company’s ammunition manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Ark.

Anderson Manufacturing expanded its business capabilities with the recent completion of
a 32,000-square-foot barrel-making facility at its Hebron, Ky. campus.

Anderson Develops Barrel-Making Facility

Anderson Manufacturing recently completed construction of a 32,000-square-foot barrel-making facility on the company’s Hebron, Ky., campus.

With nine all-new CNC machines within four robotic cells, the newly opened facility boasts the only fully automated barrel production line in the U.S. — according to a company press release.

For 2020, Anderson added M-LOK rifles and uppers to its lineup of offerings. This system ensures customers their purchase of an Anderson rifle or upper will be able to accommodate attachments and accessories with ease.

Hornady Supports GRACE Cancer Foundation

Hornady recently donated more than $39,000 to the GRACE Cancer Foundation in Grand Island, Neb., to help the organization in its support of local cancer patients and their families.

The donation represents a percentage of sales from Critical Defense Lite, the pink-tipped, personal-defense ammunition produced by Hornady.

Critical Defense features the FTX bullet with its patented Flex Tip, which aids expansion and eliminates clogging when passing through clothing. Critical Defense Lite offers an effective, reduced-recoil option for any shooter looking to minimize the felt recoil of lightweight, compact, personal-protection firearms.

Hornady also served as event sponsor for this year’s GRACE New Year’s Eve Gala.

“Cancer impacts not only the person receiving the diagnosis, but the entire family. As a family-owned and -operated business, we applaud the GRACE Cancer Foundation in its support of patients and families fighting this deadly disease,” said Jason Hornady, Hornady VP.

Established in 2008, the GRACE Cancer Foundation provides emotional and financial support to cancer patients who live within 40 miles of Grand Island, or are being treated at the Grand Island Cancer Treatment Center. /

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