Future Gun Owners Of America


Youth learning to shoot

Recently, I learned my 9-year-old nephew has shown an interest in learning how to shoot guns.

Both his grandpas are military veterans with decades of shooting experience and were thrilled at the prospect of teaching him firearms safety.

Having fond memories of my dad teaching me how to shoot, it makes me smile to think of him soon having those same experiences and memories. It also got me thinking about how my nephew is the future of our industry, and demographically, he’s probably not what most people picture when they think of “the future gun owners of America.”

My nephew is half-Filipino, lives in a household without any guns and enjoys playing basketball and video games. He is also part of a competitive hip-hop dance team and takes karate classes. I share this because those of us in the industry keep seeing statistics about how new gun owners are more diverse than ever. But, they’re not just diverse in terms of age, race and gender. They’re diverse in their interests as well.

So, ask yourself — is your marketing doing enough (or anything at all) to reach those who don’t fit neatly into what gun owners have historically looked like?

At FMG, we’re constantly evaluating opportunities to grow and evolve as our industry does. This is why, in addition to our print publications, we offer a range of multimedia advertising solutions to help you reach not only current firearm enthusiasts but those who are newer to shooting as well. For more information, contact your ad rep today!

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