2021 NASGW Expo Review


The 2021 NASGW Expo & Annual Meeting, held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 27–29, represented one of the first large-scale events for the industry since SHOT Show 2020 — a span of 642 days.

Kenyon Gleason, NASGW president, sat down with Shooting Industry to share his impressions of the Expo, as well as the current state of the two-step distribution model and what’s next for the association.

Feedback From Attendees

The 2021 NASGW Expo attracted companies from across the industry, with 235 exhibiting manufacturers and dozens of wholesale distributors and manufacturer’s reps, along with members of the industry media in attendance. According to Gleason, NASGW received glowing feedback.

“Everybody came together, dealt with the minor restrictions we had with masking and came out on the other side with a lot of positive feedback and a great show experience,” he said. “I don’t know if we could have done it a whole lot better, under the circumstances.”

Gleason shared NASGW’s distributor members were pleased with how many exhibiting manufacturers attended the Expo in a post-COVID setting.

“Some people maybe were expecting a drop-off ahead of the show. But in the end, we had a full show floor except for a few that were truly last-minute cancellations,” he said. “Ultimately, of the 242 exhibitors we had signed up, 235 of them exhibited at the Expo.”

Spotlight On First-Time Exhibitors

There were 40 first-time exhibitors at this year’s Expo. In a first for the NASGW Expo, these first-time exhibitors were given an opportunity to present a 3-minute “elevator pitch” in front of a group of distributors to drum up business.

“The ‘Speed Presentations’ addition for first-time exhibitors was a phenomenal success,” Gleason noted. “These exhibitors told us after the fact they were getting all kinds of visitors to the booth the rest of the week.”

According to Gleason, this concept came out of a summit with NASGW wholesaler members in August.

“We asked our members how we could make the show more enticing for first-time exhibitors, since many would struggle to get meetings in a packed week for our distributors. It was an idea the distributors came up with and we absolutely plan to do it again next year; it was a nice new add for us,” he said.

Representatives from first-time exhibitors Zenith Firearms and FIENDOIL shared this new facet of the Expo provided immediate dividends.

“As a new exhibitor, we had a great experience at the show and we were able to network and expand our connections,” noted Lauren Sites, Zenith Firearms sales representative. “The elevator pitch was a great opportunity to introduce our company and new products to distributors that were already booked for meetings throughout the week, which led to several stopping by the booth.”

“This event made coming to the show all worth the while, and the networks and friendships I made throughout the show made it all the better,” added Andrew Kasun, FIENDOIL sales and marketing director.

“It’s probably more important now than ever to have a strong relationship with your distributor because things are so challenging in the market.”

Kenyon Gleason NASGW President

State Of Two-Step Distribution

Holding the Expo in the midst of widespread supply chain challenges gave industry members an opportunity to evaluate where improvements could be made to deliver more product to end users.

“There are some problems we need to overcome: We’re still facing challenges with all of the shipping, all of the workforce issues and logistics both here and abroad,” Gleason stated. “What I will say, though, on the flipside — our distributors have really adapted well. They have continued to find efficiencies and ways to overcome the communication challenges that have been presented because they haven’t been able to be there in person. They’ve done a terrific job.”

Gleason noted this period of uncertainty has put the value of relationships firmly into focus.

“It’s probably more important now than ever to have a strong relationship with your distributor because things are so challenging in the market. This would be echoed by pretty much anyone you talk to — whether it’s a manufacturer or distributor,” he said.

“The market is so unique and different right now,” Gleason continued, “not just because we sell everything we make but it’s growing harder and harder to get the raw materials to actually make the products. So that, too, has thrown a monkey wrench into things.”

NASGW SCOPE Influence Growing

Launched at the 2018 NASGW Expo in Pittsburgh, NASGW’s SCOPE initiative has grown in its ability to provide real-time data of sales and inventory trends across the industry. According to Gleason, investment in SCOPE represents NASGW’s “number-one” priority.

“We firmly believe NASGW is in the perfect place to help this industry with data — to understand what’s moving in the distribution channel, what consumers are asking for out there and what we have available to provide to them. We’re 100% committed to its future and we plan to continue pushing forward as hard and as fast as we can to make it better for our members and the industry,” he said.

Attendees were able to attend an NASGW SCOPE Update event on the second day of the Expo, hosted by Easton Kuboushek, NASGW director of data programs and new team member Tom Hopper, NASGW senior data analyst.

SCOPE PLX, a product information management system, represents the next phase of development — which will be spearheaded by industry manufacturers. More information will be available in 2022 as it comes online.

What’s Next?

Gleason shared the NASGW is currently engaged with other industry organizations to confront the very public challenges industry businesses face in banking, financing and insurance.

“In meetings over the past few months and at Expo, there’s a large desire from our members to continue to come together and spitball ideas for how we as an industry can collectively fight those challenges,” he said. “It’s going to take cooperation, partnership and a lot of grit and determination from across the industry to work together and make it happen.”

As this initiative materializes, Shooting Industry will provide pertinent updates to readers. Meanwhile, plans for the next NASGW Expo & Annual Meeting are already in full swing: the 2022 event will be held Oct. 26–28 in Kansas City.

/ nasgwexpo.org / nasgwscope.org

Smith & Wesson Updates American Guardians Program

Smith & Wesson recently expanded its American Guardians Program that provides a discount on firearms to law enforcement, military and first responders. The program now includes all veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces with an honorable discharge status on their DD-214s.

“This program is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to military, law enforcement and first responders. We want to offer our gratitude to those Americans who have answered the call to service, and have sacrificed so much to keep us all safe and free,” said Matthew Fehmel, senior director of global professional and international sales for Smith & Wesson, and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran.

The American Guardians Program includes a broad list of Smith & Wesson firearm models, including 53 unique models only available to professional end users. Discounts on firearms included in the program vary by model.

The American Guardians Program is available through select retailers nationwide. Dealers participating in the program can be found through Smith & Wesson’s online Dealer Locator, searchable by zip code.

/ smith-wesson.com

Surge Outdoors Acquires Barnett Crossbows

Surge Outdoors, a supplier of hunting-and outdoor-related products, announces its recent purchase of Barnett Crossbows.

Barnett innovates and supplies a broad spectrum of high-performance and value-driven crossbows, vertical and youth bows and archery accessories popular with both hunting and recreational shooters. Barnett is also a leading provider of slingshots and accessories.

“Barnett is the first and longest-standing crossbow company with a storied heritage,” said Ryan Busbice, Surge Outdoors CEO. “Barnett will continue to lead the crossbow industry through profound innovation and a heightened focus for the archery industry.”

“With Barnett under the Surge umbrella, the future of the brand looks brighter than ever. We look forward to advancing the long-standing reputation of the Barnett brand and its products,” added David Barnett, president of Barnett Crossbows.

Surge Outdoor plans to maintain operational facilities in Florida, Louisiana, Utah and Illinois, the current home of Barnett.

/ barnettcrossbows.com

Big Horn Armory Announces Expansion

Big Horn Armory (BHA) announced it’s hiring more employees, obtaining a new and larger building, increasing its machinery and doubling its sourcing suppliers to improve lead times. These measures are all in response to the increased demand for Big Horn firearms and supply-chain disruptions due to COVID-19 limitations.

Along with the entire firearms industry, Big Horn Armory has been heavily impacted by the pandemic, experiencing extended lead times for its products. The increased demand from Americans seeking to purchase firearms resulted in a record number of background checks in 2020 alone.

“We hope to increase our manufacturing capabilities two to three times over the next year,” said Greg Buchel, Big Horn Armory owner. “Much of this will involve new personnel in our assembly and quality-control departments. We have a core workforce of excellent people right now, and we intend to use these people to train and orient our new personnel to create more of the fine products we currently produce for our customers.”

BHA is doubling its workforce in the manufacturing department. The new building will increase the manufacturing space by 500%, and offer better facilities for maintaining inventory. New machinery will include CNC mills and lathes, along with barrel-making equipment, helping to lessen the dependency on outside vendors.

“Our firearms are not purchases made on a whim, but thoughtful investments in heirloom-quality rifles, aimed at giving you the biggest bang for your buck. We know our customers want these rifles, and we want to give them to them. We’re working our hardest to get our firearms out the door and into our customers’ hands. We appreciate our customers’ patience as we continue to fulfill our orders and implement these changes to meet (their) needs.”

Dealers may email [email protected] for pricing and programs. / bighornarmory.com

Barrett PSR MK22

Barrett Ships First MK22 Order To U.S. Army

Barrett Firearms Mfg. Inc. has completed the first shipment for the U.S. Army Precision Sniper Rifle program. The contract, awarded April 2021, consists of the MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptive Design) MK22 MOD 0 rifle paired with a Leupold & Stevens Mark 5 HD scope and sniper-accessory kit.

“We’re pleased to have passed all preliminary program requirements and to begin delivery of the MK22 rifle system to the Army soldiers.” said Joel Miller, Barret VP of sales and marketing.

Designed with precision and modularity in mind, the MK22 provides even greater flexibility within the highly successful MRAD rifle platform. This multi-caliber bolt action sniper rifle is capable of converting between 7.62x51mm, .300 Norma Magnum and .338 Norma Magnum calibers, based on the mission.

/ barrett.net

Hodgdon CLOSES GOEX facility

Sept. 27, Hodgdon Powder Co. Inc. made the decision to cease manufacturing operations — effective immediately — at the company’s Camp Minden, La., site while evaluating strategic options for the black powder business.

The business will wind down operations while an evaluation process on the future of the black powder business takes place.
Strategic options for the GOEX and Olde Eynsford brands of black powder, along with the manufacturing capabilities, will include a potential sale of the business. All affected employees will be retained through December 31, 2021 to assist in an orderly closing of the site and receive severance commensurate with their years of service to the company.

“Hodgdon has been honored to have been a part of the GOEX Powder legacy and sustains a fond appreciation for sporting customers who have enjoyed shooting GOEX powders,” the company stated in a press release.

/ hodgdon.com

Orchid, NASGW SCOPE Launch Partnership

Orchid LLC, provider of FFL technology, payment and compliance services, announced a partnership with the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW). The company will provide Orchid POS data in support of NASGW SCOPE, a data-sharing program for the shooting sports industry.

Orchid clients will contribute non-confidential sales data to provide the firearms industry with a better understanding of product performance and sales trends.

“The evolution of the firearms industry demands a data-driven supply chain. Such data has been a well-publicized focus of NASGW SCOPE, and we’re pleased to support their initiative. The development of Orchid POS and this partnership underscore our commitment to drive integrated solutions specific to the firearms industry for everyone, from manufacturer to consumer,” said Jon Rydberg, Orchid CEO.

Designed for individual, multi-store and mobile firearm retailers, Orchid POS combines the functionality of an integrated point-of-sale system, electronic bound book and firearms-friendly merchant processor in one comprehensive, user-friendly platform.

Key features include native Orchid eBound and Orchid Pay integrations, inventory management, membership billing, drop shipping, sales reporting, live distributor feeds, CRM email marketing and optional Orchid eCommerce and AmmoReady upgrades for a custom online store. Orchid eBound is backed by attorneys at FFL Law for maximum security and ATF compliance.
“The success of our SCOPE program is thanks to partners like Orchid and their dealers. We’re excited to have Orchid clients onboard,” said Easton Kuboushek, NASGW director of data programs.

/ orchidadvisors.com / nasgw.org

Rapid Air Weapons Is Now Rapid Air Worx

Rapid Air Weapons has changed its name to Rapid Air Worx. According to the company, the name change “better reflects [our] goal of manufacturing premium air rifles that are focused primarily on competition target shooting, sport shooting and small-game hunting.”

The popular “RAW” nickname will continue to be used. In addition, Rapid Air Worx’s parent company, AutoNumatic Corp., plans to resurrect the Theoben brand mark for some legacy PCP models.

Rapid Air Worx rifles will continue to be assembled and tested in Minor Hill, Tenn., with parts machined in both the Minor Hill facility as well as Fort Worth, Texas, just as they have been since AutoNumatic purchased RAW in 2018.

“From the outset of our relationship with RAW we had planned to drop ‘weapons’ from the official company name,” said Cameron Brinkerhoff, AutoNumatic director of marketing. “We don’t consider our products to be weapons in the traditional sense, they’re tools for competition shooting, hunting and target practice. While the term ‘air weapons’ is common in Europe, here in the U.S. air rifles aren’t considered weapons and we felt it made sense to drop it from the company name.”

Established in 1997 and based in Burleson, Texas, AutoNumatic Corporation is the parent company of AirForce Airguns, Rapid Air Worx and BKL Technologies.

/ rapidairworx.com

CMC Triggers Enhances Business Model

CMC Triggers Corp., producer of aftermarket gun parts and accessories, is revamping areas of the business to become a more agile and proficient supplier of their products to retailers, distributors and end users.

During the pandemic, shoppers relied more on the online shopping experience for everything from food products to firearms accessories.

CMC Triggers President, Jack Biegel, quickly identified his customers’ changing purchasing habits, and responded with meaningful changes within the corporate structure.

CMC Triggers reduced its internal sales staff and is in the process of streamlining online ordering for retailers. As part of their new corporate strategy, CMC Triggers ensures all customers, including retailers and distributors, its aftermarket gun parts will continue to be available through a faster, better and smarter system.

“In our highly competitive market, it’s important for a company to respond aggressively, without sacrificing the quality of product and customer service,” Biegel stated. “We want to eliminate layers within our business to become nimbler and give our customers the best American-made products and service in a streamlined approach. There is one thing, though, that CMC Triggers will not sacrifice, and that’s the amount of research and development, testing and quality control that goes into each product designed at our facility.”

CMC Trigger Corp. was founded in 2003, and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.

/ cmctriggers.com

With the addition of a facility in Ladysmith, Wis., Henry Repeating Arms will
be operating 224,000 sq. ft. of space in the Badger State.

Henry Repeating Arms Expands With New Wisconsin Facility

To accommodate the increased demand for its products, Henry Repeating Arms announced it is expanding its operations with a new 84,000 sq. ft. building on 13.5 acres in Ladysmith, Wis.

The new facility is strategically located less than an hour away from the company’s 140,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Rice Lake, Wis. Henry projects the new facility will employ over 100 people in the Rusk County area within three years, in addition to approximately 500 the company employs in Rice Lake.

The new facility will initially be machining parts for the company’s lineup of more than 200 models of rifles and shotguns. The additional Ladysmith acreage also allows for further expansion down the road.

“Staking our flag at a new facility is the beginning of another exciting chapter in our company’s history, and we’re wasting no time prepping the building for our machines. We thank the State of Wisconsin and Rusk County officials for keeping the door open for us, and we look forward to adding members of another great Wisconsin community to our family,” said Andy Wickstrom, president of Henry Repeating Arms.

“We’re excited to see Henry Repeating Arms make a commitment to Ladysmith and Rusk County. They are an employer we are eager to see grow in our community for years to come,” said Andy Albarado, administrative coordinator for Rusk County Economic Development.

/ henryusa.com

Bianchi Rebranding To Reconnect With Customers

Bianchi Leather, a brand of The Safariland Group, has announced a new website and logo to celebrate a new epoch for Bianchi Leather.

“Bianchi is a pillar in the firearms industry,” said Brad Williams, president of The Safariland Group. “Since its founding in 1958, Bianchi has been the benchmark for leather holsters. Now Bianchi is adding to our line to meet the needs of both experienced and new gun owners. We’re bringing back the spirit of innovation in leather, expanding our catalog to include more EDC fits, refining the classic carry designs that have won devoted fans in the law enforcement and tactical communities and bringing Bianchi’s potential to a wider audience — to anyone who wants to live life protected.”

The revitalization of the Bianchi Leather brand has inspired a new website: bianchileather.com. The site will offer a streamlined way for customers to find the perfect fit for their firearms. The new site will be the hub for Bianchi customer service, social connection and will showcase stories from a diverse group of people highlighting the ways Bianchi products support their lifestyle, from firearms experts, outdoorsmen and women and brand partners.

In addition, Bianchi has refreshed its logo. “The new mark pays homage to Bianchi’s foundational commitment to public servants, its roots in the American West and the potential the brand offers for those who carry concealed or in the field,” the company stated in a press release.

/ bianchileather.com

Raising a record $130,000 for Freedom Hunters, the seventh annual Benelli USA
Invitational drew 152 shooters. Pictured from left: Gretchan Helm, Benelli USA controller;
Laurie Gardiner, Benelli USA digital marketing manager; Anthony Pace, Freedom Hunters
founder and CEO; and Tim Joseph, Benelli USA VP of marketing.

Benelli Invitational Sets Freedom Hunters Fundraising Record

The seventh annual Benelli USA Invitational event, held Sept. 24 at Prince George’s County Trap and Skeet Center in Glenn Dale, Md., raised a record $130,000 for Freedom Hunters. The outreach organization supports outdoor opportunities for combat veterans, active- duty military personnel and military families.

Donations from industry partners, an online auction and Benelli’s match donation combined to generate the contribution.
Industry partners sponsored shooting teams and provided outdoor gear and adventures for the auction, as they have each year.
This year’s Invitational drew 152 shooters.

“Benelli USA is proud to partner with Freedom Hunters to accomplish the ultimate goal of getting active-duty military, vets and Gold Star families outdoors for hunting and fishing adventures. It’s important for us all to play our part in supporting these incredible individuals,” said Benelli USA General Manager Tom DeBolt.

Brandon Gweke shot the highest overall individual score, with Joe Kukla Jr. the runner-up. Anne Mauro was the top woman shooter. The team of Brandon Gweke, Marty Gweke, Joe Kukla Sr. and Joe Kukla Jr. won the overall team competition.

“Having partners in the outdoor industry like Benelli USA has helped Freedom Hunters honor more of our nation’s finest with hunting, shooting and fishing trips,” said Anthony Pace, founder and CEO of Freedom Hunters. “Funds raised by Benelli give our warriors hope and purpose through therapeutic outdoor adventures, and, frankly, save lives. We cannot thank Benelli USA enough for their commitment to our mission, and more importantly, to heroes and their families.”

/ benelliusa.com / freedomhunters.org

RCBS Continues National 4-H Program Support

RCBS has once again named the National 4-H Shooting Sports Program as the recipient of its 2021 youth shooting sports donation.

Over the past six years, RCBS has donated a portion of the proceeds from every RCBS Explorer and Explorer Plus Reloading Kit to the National 4-H Shooting Sports Program. This year, RCBS presented the organization with a check for $5,000 to help fund youth education.

“We’re honored to once again back the National 4-H program with its mission of educating youth on safe and responsible firearm use,” said Eliza Graves, RCBS senior brand manager. “Various 4-H events each year help give thousands of young adults opportunities to develop life skills in an environment that fosters self-worth and conservation ethics. The mission of 4-H is one that’s supported wholeheartedly by the RCBS team.”

Each year, about 500,000 young people participate in 4-H shooting sports across the country, with over 19,000 adult volunteers and professional educators assisting their education. Clubs are open to all youth ages 8–18.

/ rcbs.com / 4-hshootingsports.org

Rock River Arms Continues “Load Up!” Promotion

Rock River Arms, a trusted name in modern sporting rifles and pistols, is continuing its “Load Up!” promotion through Dec. 31. Anyone purchasing a new 5.56/.223 Rock River Arms rifle from a retail dealer by year’s end will be eligible for five free magazines, an $80 value.

The promotion celebrates the company’s return to capacity manufacturing and a complete stock of firearms — largely stabilized following the unprecedented spike in demand over the past 18 months. The surge was complicated by pandemic-induced raw materials shortages and logistical challenges.

Customers may redeem their five magazines at www.rockriverarms.com/rebates. They will be required to upload a sales receipt showing the purchase date and the firearm serial number for validation. Once applications are approved and processed, the magazines will ship to the customer within six weeks.

Rock River Arms notes low-capacity magazines will be substituted where required by law. The magazines offered also fit AR-18 and AR-180 firearms.

Rock River Arms built its reputation by manufacturing reliable and accurate rifles for defense professionals and law enforcement agencies across the country. Today, the company is a respected manufacturer of AR-15-style rifles for consumers looking for personal-defense solutions, hunting rifles and competition-grade firearms.

“With rifle manufacturing on track and social/economic uncertainties continuing to loom large, now is the time to take advantage of firearm availability, and to cash in on the Rock River Arms’ ‘Load Up!’ promotion,” the company said in its news release.

/ rockriverarms.com

Leupold Acquires Anodize Solutions

Leupold & Stevens Inc. announced its acquisition of Oregon-based Anodize Solutions. The company will operate as a subsidiary of Leupold, and continue to report to its current management team.

Anodize Solutions provides anodizing services to manufacturers of outdoor products across North America. The company and its leadership team have been longtime strategic partners to Leupold.

“Our partnership with the founders and key members of Anodize Solutions has spanned over 25 years. The strategic acquisition protects a critical component of our supply chain, and will allow us to use their expertise to improve upon the design and manufacture of our products,” said Bruce Pettet, president and CEO of Leupold & Stevens.

Richard Bretherton, president of Anodize Solutions, will continue to run the company’s operations as GM. The company will remain in its Tualatin, Ore., facility.

/ leupold.com

Safari Club Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Established 50 years ago with the first local Safari Club in California, Safari Club International (SCI) has focused on defending the freedom to hunt through advocacy efforts around the world, and has greatly expanded over the years.

SCI initially grew by consolidating similar clubs around the country, and expanded with chapters across the country and in Europe. Later, SCI launched hunting education programs such as the American Wilderness Leadership School. Legislative efforts and support of pro-hunting candidates to protect hunting rights also became a focus of SCI through its Government Affairs Committee.

SCI has done notable work over the years with regard to the Endangered Species Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act and other wildlife conservation efforts. The SCI Foundation, begun in 2001, carries on those efforts in many ways today, including in consultation with the United Nations.

In 2008, SCI launched the Wildlife Law Course for lawyers interested in conservation law, hosting such esteemed speakers as the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. A notable Supreme Court case in 2010, striking down an overly broad law impacting legal hunting activities, was successfully influenced by an SCI amicus brief.

In 2017, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke invited several SCI officials and members to join the newly created International Wildlife Conservation Council, a federal government advisory group for anti-poaching programs, wildlife trafficking, conservation awareness and economic benefits of hunting. In late 2019, the SCI’s Hunter Action Advocacy Center gave added impetus to its preservation efforts of hunting and associated conservation benefits, culminating with the Great American Outdoors Act.

SCI will celebrate its 50-year milestone at its annual convention at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Jan. 19–22, 2022.

/ safariclub.org

HAVA completed its 10th pheasant hunt at the 6,000-acre Buffalo Butte Ranch in Gregory, S.D. — hosting
nine Marines and one Fleet Marine Force/Navy Hospital corpsman for the two-day event.

HAVA Holds 10th Buffalo Butte Ranch Pheasant Hunt

Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) hosted a group of both active-duty and veteran U.S. Marines for its 10th pheasant hunt at the Buffalo Butte Ranch in Gregory, S.D.

The nine Marines, plus one Fleet Marine Force/Navy Hospital corpsman, experienced a two-day pheasant shoot at the world-class ranch. The group, all with extensive service, quickly developed a camaraderie in the field, and brought down many birds during the hunt.

“One of these Marines recently retired, and invited the Marine who recruited him into the service so many years ago. I just don’t see that type of lifelong connection in other career fields,” said Heath Gunns, HAVA’s event coordinator and Marine veteran.

HAVA is a 501(c)(3) organization formed by companies in the shooting and outdoor industry to raise awareness and assist disabled veterans with their healing process through guided hunts, shooting events and other outdoor sports activities.

Buffalo Butte Ranch is a 6,000-acre pheasant farm and five-generation family-owned ranch. Because of the natural terrain, cover and conservation practices, native pheasants flourish there.

/ honoredveterans.org

/ buffalobutte.com

Celebrating 22 years of supporting C.O.P.S., Streamlight’s 2021 contribution totaled $125,000.
Pictured from left: Justin Thomas (Streamlight), Patricia Carruth (C.O.P.S.), Clayton French (Streamlight),
Emilio Miyares (C.O.P.S.), Dianne Bernhard (C.O.P.S.) and Brett Marquardt (Streamlight).

Streamlight Renews C.O.P.S. Support For 22nd Year

Streamlight Inc. has renewed its sponsorship of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) for the 22nd year in
a row.

The company’s support helps to underwrite ongoing programs and activities for survivors of fallen officers. Streamlight’s contribution as a C.O.P.S. Guardian Sponsor for 2021 totaled $125,000, including proceeds from recent sales of its “blue” C.O.P.S. logoed products.

Streamlight supports the C.O.P.S. organization by sponsoring multiple programs and events throughout the year culminating in National Police Weekend (Oct.13–17) activities in Washington, D.C., where the company was the presenting sponsor at the Blue Honor Gala.

Every year, Streamlight earmarks $1 from the sale of each Blue Nano Light for C.O.P.S. The keychain flashlight boasts a super bright white LED and a double-sided FOB featuring the C.O.P.S. logo on one side and Streamlight’s logo on the other side. Streamlight also donates $2 from the sale of each Blue Siege AA lantern, featuring one white and two blue LEDs, and the C.O.P.S. logo on its globe.

“As avid supporters of first responders, we’re committed to making sure the law enforcement community has the tools they need to keep themselves safe,” said Ray Sharrah, Streamlight president and CEO.

This year, Streamlight held its seventh annual 5K/1 Mile Fun Walk for C.O.P.S. virtually, with participants completing a virtual run or walk at the location and time of their choice between August 14–28.

Today, more than 50 C.O.P.S. chapters nationwide provide resources to some 50,000 survivors, including immediate and extended families and co-workers of officers who have died in the line of duty.

/ streamlight.com

/ concernsofpolicesurvivors.org

Remington Firearms Announces Georgia Move

Joining a growing number of firearms companies moving to “gun-friendly” states, Remington Firearms (RemArms) has selected LaGrange, Ga., as the location of its global headquarters — which will include a manufacturing facility and research and development center. RemArms plans to invest $100 million and create 856 jobs over a five-year period in Troup County.

“We’re very excited to come to Georgia, a state that not only welcomes business, but enthusiastically supports and welcomes companies in the firearms industry,” said Ken D’Arcy, RemArms CEO. “Between the support we’ve received from the state and from Scott Malone and Kelley Bush of the City of LaGrange Economic Development Authority, we cannot wait to expand our company in Georgia. Everyone involved in this process has shown how important business is to the state and how welcoming they are to all business, including the firearms industry.”

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp celebrated RemArms’ move to the Peach State.

“Georgia’s firearms industry is responsible for thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of investment in our communities,” he said. “As yet another big manufacturing win for our state, I look forward to seeing the oldest firearms manufacturer in America thrive in Georgia’s pro-business environment.”

The Georgia Department of Economic Development was represented in this competitive project by Senior Project Manager Taylor Kielty in partnership with the LaGrange Economic Development Authority, Georgia Power and Georgia Quick Start.

RemArms will be hiring for positions in production, operations, engineering and management, as well as careers in HR, finance and administration in its onsite executive offices.

/ remarms.com

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