Standard Mfg. Updates S333 Thunderstruck


Standard Mfg. has updated the S333 Thunderstruck Gen2 with new performance improvements.

If once is nice, logic says twice is better, right? At least, that’s the thinking behind the Standard Manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck. Launched in 2019, the dual-barrel and trigger revolver has been updated with physical and mechanical upgrades for 2021.

Dubbed the S333 Thunderstruck Gen 2, the double-action revolver continues to “set the standard for the ultimate in personal protection” — albeit chambered in .22 WMR. A compact and concealable aluminum frame weighing just 18 oz., the Gen 2 features extended barrels, however, no new length is given. Previous barrels measured 1.25”.

Simultaneously firing from its two barrels, the S333 Thunderstruck is fed by an 8-round steel cylinder offering shooters versatility in loading. Like many rimfire pistols, Standard Mfg. notes the revolver shoots best when loaded with 40-grain CCI Maxi Mag, 40-Grain CCI Maxi Mag HP and 40-grain PMC Predator rounds. They also suggest combining standard ammunition with birdshot loads to deliver firepower with light recoil — though shooters should consider application first.

The S333 Thunderstruck simultaneously fires from two barrels by pulling a dual trigger.

To fire the S333 Thunderstruck, shooters must pull a double trigger featuring the first trigger blade safety seen on a production revolver. Measuring roughly 9 lbs., trigger pull is heavy but manageable with the mechanical advantage of pulling with two fingers (index and middle) and has been smoothed out for Gen 2 models. Two fingers must be used to completely compress the trigger.

With longer barrels and a smoother trigger, Standard Mfg. promises greater velocity and improved accuracy — addressing concerns of the first generation S33 Thunderstruck. MSRP is $425.

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