Also released in 2019, Winchester introduced Ranger One designed specifically for law enforcement. A bonded jacketed hollow point, unique to Ranger One was a blue rigid polymer insert seated in the hollow point engineered to prevent cavity obstructions, direct fluid and aid in bullet expansion. While Ranger One is still currently only available as a 147-grain 9mm load, Winchester has applied a similar concept for the civilian market with its new USA Ready Defense.

Available in 124-grain 9mm +P, 170-grain .40 S&W and 200-grain .45 ACP loads, USA Ready Defense features Winchester’s “Hex-Vent” technology, referring to the red polymer insert inside the jacketed hollow point rounds. When entering a cavity, the insert is designed to force bullet expansion before separating from the projectile within the first few inches of penetration, allowing the bullet to continue penetrating to a consistent, FBI-standard 12” while maintaining 95% weight retention.