Loading the handgun requires lifting the barrel by way of a lever in the beavertail, inserting the magazine and pulling back on the AR-style rear charging handle to chamber a round.

Measuring 15” long, 6.7” tall and 2” wide, the P50 weighs 3.2 lbs. unloaded. And while that’s certainly heavier than your standard polymer handgun, QD mounts on the rear of the handgun, as well as below the grip, allow a sling to be attached for easy transport and recoil management. No sights are included, however a long Picatinny rail sits atop the barrel for mounting a red dot or pop-up sights. Trigger pull is measured at 5 lbs.

Covert, capable and provocative, the KelTec P50 ships with two 50-round P90 magazines and carries an MSRP of $995. Shipping is expected to begin in Q1 2021.