HITS Arms G3 Real Dry Fire Laser Bullets


Amongst an abundance of dry-fire training accessories to hit the market in answer to the ammo shortage, HITS Arms laser bullets have one distinct advantage — they don’t eject. HITS Arms laser bullets function as SAAMI-spec snap-caps with a built-in laser for visual feedback. Unlike other dry-fire cartridges, HITS Arms inert “projectiles” have a cut in the rim preventing ejection after each “shot.”

These G3 laser “bullets” are available in 9mm Luger, .45 ACP, .243 Win (for .308 parent casings), and .223/5.56. Each last between 3,000 and 5,000 dry-fires according the manufacturer. The laser fires with each trigger pull, but does not remain activated — it is not a solid beam. The purpose of the unit is to save on ammunition costs and allow shooters to work on improving their skills indoors and outdoors with no noise.

What makes these different? The G3 laser bullets save time and energy. The “bullet” stays in the chamber. There’s no chasing rounds cast upon the kitchen or living room floor during a training session. No kids or dogs picking them up either…

The real value is in working with another. In example, I struggle with anticipating recoil when shooting pistol. A commonly used, effective drill is having someone load a magazine with both live and dummy rounds. You don’t know the order of the live and dummy rounds, or the number of each. If you jump or jerk the trigger with a dummy round, it is obvious you are still expecting the recoil. Adding a laser to this process will give you and your instructor a better idea of exactly where your shot would have hit in comparison to the live rounds.

Though the list cost is much higher, you can purchase individual HITS Arms Laser Bullets for around $70 each. They don’t require a software to use, though they are compatible with several apps.