Use The Right Type Of Content

Whether your content is to distract, inform or entertain, the content you create must be specifically made to fit your customers’ needs. When you consider 72% of consumers prefer learning about a new product or service through video, this is the time to take advantage, but before you do, determine your end goal. What conversation do you want to start? Is it to promote a new product, address an issue relating to an existing product, provide a tutorial, create engagement or simply just share information on how the company is coping with the difficulties of meeting its customers’ demands?

The first step is to go beyond the goal. Video marketing is good at creating an emotional connection to the customer experience. In these times, any video you create should give something back. If your content serves you first and your customer second, the chances of converting someone into a loyal customer are diminished and will hurt more than help. Lay a foundation to uplift, interact and support the customer.