On one hand, a Biden victory could mean more political pressure on gun rights. A Trump victory could see continued turmoil.

“Those riots drive a lot of sales, too,” Cabahug added.

Bastean agrees: “I think we’re going to continue to see raised demand regardless of who wins. There’s pure venom and hatred for Trump — and for Biden too.”

Echoing the concerns of many gun owners, Van Leiden worries a Biden victory could result in new gun-control measures. If Trump gets re-elected, he expects the market to return to normal by April or May.

“If he doesn’t get re-elected, I don’t know if it will ever get better,” Van Leiden said.

Castaline sees a Trump victory as the quickest path back to normal. While it would mean a drop in demand for guns and ammo, he’s ready for a change.

“Do I like all this craziness in the store? No,” he stated. “We are to the point where we’ve stopped answering the phone on Saturdays. Everybody is looking for ammo. We just put up a recorded message.”

How will you adjust your advertising and marketing strategies to account for the changing market?

When customers are buying stuff as fast as you can put it on the shelf, it might be tempting to rethink the advertising and marketing budget and even some of your social media strategies.

This would be a mistake suggests Bastean at Ultimate Defense in Missouri.