Additionally, only one student can fire their gun at a time, and I’m always right beside them, ready to act accordingly if they put anyone’s safety in danger.

This process hasn’t changed, but it has taken longer in recent months — requiring much more patience. I’ve reached out to other instructors to see if they have also noticed the change in their demographics and if it has been more difficult to train. Every single one I polled had a similar experience.

Richard Patton, a firearms instructor from Whistling Pines Gun Club (Colorado Springs, Colo.) teaches evening classes. His time in class has expanded significantly as a result of this new wave of gun owners.

“I normally end class around 8:00 p.m.,” he relayed, “but lately I’ve had to stay longer because the range portion of class takes more time. I recently had a student who only fired eight rounds in the course of an hour because she had to take long breaks in between.”