Be A Difference Maker

Folks at the counter make a tremendous difference in customers’ confidence, especially with shoppers who are hesitant and afraid. It takes courage to walk into an unfamiliar environment and ask questions of experts.

Mathieu Bonin, manger of The Gun Cave in Lake Charles, La., recently helped a first-time handgun customer.

“The man was an avid duck hunter,” shared Bonin. “I explained how to load a semi-auto and pull the slide back. But the gentleman didn’t know what a slide was on a handgun and quickly became confused.”

Bonin then physically showed the customer what the slide was and how to pull it back.

“Sometimes we take little things for granted when it comes to firearms. Many people buying guns today know almost nothing about them and often need a little extra attention from behind the counter,” he added.

Another customer wanted to buy her first handgun and didn’t know where to start.

“I showed her a few of our most popular models without a manual thumb safety. Because she was worried the gun would fire randomly without one, I explained the gun’s built-in safety features prevent accidental discharge without pulling the trigger. Then I suggested a certified firearms instructor so she could properly learn firearms safety and begin her education on responsible gun ownership and personal safety,” Bonin added.