The director of training is Ben Anderson, an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran and former U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Reconnaissance Infantryman.

“Ben is very well grounded and utilizes the experience and training he received in the military as well as his real-world experience in class, but he doesn’t beat students over the head with it,” MacKinlay relayed. “He’s able to speak to people of all levels of expertise as it relates to firearms and personal defense — from the novice who has never fired a gun to tier-one operators. Our other instructors, Roan Grimm and Jacob Stone, are also quite talented. We have a good outfit.”

Like Anchor Tactical, Diamondback Shooting Sports has been contacted about working with several churches to train their security teams.
“Because of the rash of shootings that were occurring in some of the local churches, we’ve been contacted about training security teams and groups of concerned parishioners — so should there be a shooting, they’re prepared to respond,” he said. “Nothing has really developed yet but the inquiries have been made, so people are becoming more aware of the potential need to have something like this in place at their own churches.”