Silver Lining: Selling Through Inventory

Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates, predicts sales of all firearms to receive a significant boost during this time — enabling dealers to sell through previous slow movers.

“Expect sales of handguns and MSR’s to spike higher than shotguns and traditional rifles, along with matching ammunition,” he forecasts. “In some areas, shotguns will do better where purchase restrictions inhibit sales of handguns and many rifles.

Adam Wagner, owner of A&P Armory in Magnolia, Texas, shared the surge in panic buying has already enabled his store to move inventory.

“We’ve been extremely fortunate to sell much of our inventory,” he said. “We may use this opportunity to cleanse and eliminate certain sectors in which we’re getting beaten online — such as reloading.”

In addition, Wagner plans to use this surge to refocus his business once it subsides.

“We’re considering using this opportunity to relaunch a focus on used guns and services. I’m encouraging my customers to bring in consignments; used guns are fetching new prices right now — bringing better margins and no risk to dealers of being buried in stale inventory when the bubble bursts,” he noted.