Wheelchairs & CCW

The customer who uses a wheelchair is the ideal candidate for a “higher capacity” auto pistol. He or she can’t run to cover to reload, after all. Moreover, a magazine pouch or speedloader carrier behind the hip can be uncomfortable with body weight leaning back on it.

If the customer is paralyzed from the waist down, the pressure of such an object can cause a bed sore situation or nerve damage they can’t feel in time to do anything about, and they have limited space on their front beltline. (Unfortunately, this situation has disparate impact against the wheelchair user in jurisdictions where they are limited to low-capacity magazines, a point that should be argued against magazine limits more than it is.)

Limited range of movement in the wheelchair is another factor militating for a cross-body carry. It’s well-known shoulder holsters or scabbards that carry butt-forward on the hip opposite the gun hand are ideally suited for people whose situation puts them constantly in a seated position.