Overcoming Sticker Shock

The challenge is getting people to pay prices sometimes higher than what they’d pay for a new firearm. The most expensive air rifle they carry, for example, is the RWS Model 54 at $699.

“A lot of people kind of flinch at the price of these guns,” Potter mentioned. “But you help them understand it’s more than likely going to be the gun they shoot more than anything else.”

They certainly offer advantages over firearms. You don’t need to make a trip to the range to shoot them. They’re cheap to shoot when you can buy a box of 500 pellets for $10. There’s no smoke, so no worries about ventilation if you set up a bullet trap in the basement. And, they’re considerably quieter than a firearm. But they’re not silent — something to consider for customers thinking about shooting in their backyard.

“If you live in an area where you have neighbors, they’re going to know you’re shooting,” Potter noted.