2. Professional
In addition to being positive, make sure you conduct every part of your business in a professional manner. You’d think this goes without saying, but let’s remind ourselves of one thing: the nature of a pandemic and its widespread horrible results can tempt anyone with justifying some poor behavior in any number of arenas. If you endured real, difficult consequences — loss of revenue, loss of staff, serious disruption to your supply chain or other hardships — as a business owner you may be tempted not merely to assign blame (which isn’t necessarily unprofessional) but also to demean the people associated with causing the hardship. “The governor’s ‘shut down’ order brought my business to a halt” is much different from “That idiot governor totally messed up my livelihood.”

You have every right to your feelings and every right to say what you want. But if you’re going to run a business or open a business following a pandemic, trying to get it off the ground again, you’ll likely do much better from a marketing standpoint by keeping it professional.

You’ve heard the saying misery loves company. It’s likely a customer or two will voice some malice toward this or that as they seek to assign blame and possibly demean someone in the process. Be warned: it’s easy to fall into the trap of creating even more misery and becoming unprofessional. Don’t do it. Not only is it miserable; customers will flee.