The Changing Face Of Policy

The worst of the rioting is taking place in cities where the powers that be — usually in the mayor’s office — allow the violence to happen. We’ve seen mayors order the chief of police to pull out officers and let rioters take over police stations — something that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago.

We see cities where the DAs discourage the arrest of rioters and don’t prosecute them when they have to be arrested anyway. Yet, they discourage citizens from defending themselves with force of arms when left without police protection, and prosecute armed citizens who do attempt to protect what’s theirs.

You’ve doubtless already discussed with customers the McCloskey case in which a married couple, both lawyers, faced off against BLM protesters who had marched onto their private street without permission. The wife moved toward protesters pointing a reportedly unloaded and non-functional pistol at individuals in the crowd while her husband, with an AR-15, occasionally let his muzzle cross some in the group. (It has since been claimed the AR was unloaded.) They have been criminally charged by the local district attorney, whose election campaign was at least partially funded by a George Soros-backed super PAC. According to reports, she only prosecutes 23% of the cases brought to her by the local police department.

The places where the riots are happening are, by and large, not sympathetic to armed citizens using guns in defense of themselves and others.