Feature-Packed Optics

Increasingly, Gissendaner encounters customers who’ve come to appreciate the value of upper-end optics. Many are veteran hunters who’ve decided to upgrade scopes they purchased 10–15 years ago. Now, they’re looking for more features than what you find on less-expensive optics, with decisions often sparked by popular hunting shows.

“They know what ‘Predator Pursuit’ (on the Sportsman Channel) is using,” he said. “Because of what they see on TV, they want the ability to dial in the range.”

This puts customers more in the $700–$1,000 range for their optics. Most of the people considering spending that kind of money on an optic will have a pretty good idea of what they’re looking for before they even set foot in the store.

“The younger generations research everything. Our customers are well educated, particularly when they are looking at higher-end stuff,” Gissendaner asserted.