A few years ago, Hevi-Shot came out with Magnum Blend for turkeys — a mixture of 5s, 6s and 7s. They also came out with their own brand of choke tubes to match the Magnum Blend.

“They have only one construction for each manufacturer’s shotgun,” Baird informs. “We learned in patterning these tubes if you use Magnum Blend with the Hevi-Shot tube, the work is all done for you. We have hunters killing turkeys dead at 70 yards with a 3-inch Hevi-Shot Blend and the Hevi-Shot choke tube. It’s our go-to when someone asks what choke tube and ammunition they need; it doesn’t matter what shotgun they have.”

Then, Winchester came out with Long Beard XR ammunition for turkeys.

“Carlson’s is building the choke tubes for it,” he said. “We’ve found pretty consistent patterning with it, so we’re selling a lot of the Carlson’s tubes to people who prefer Winchester ammunition.”