Ready-Made Mix & Match: The Smith & Wesson CORE (Competition Optics Ready) variation of the Military & Police pistol and GLOCK’s MOS (Modular Optic System) series are examples of today’s breed of pistols purpose-built at the factory with a mounting space already in place, covered by a removable plate if the shooter chooses to go back to iron sights. Lots of other makers have followed suit with similar pistols.

This approach allows the customer to mate the pistol of his or her choice with their particular choice of optical sight. It’s easy for them to do the mounting themselves. This has the added customer attraction of the DIY factor: “I put this together myself” adds a bit of pride of ownership, not to mention the customer satisfaction of having exactly the combination he or she wanted.

Ready-To-Go Off The Shelf: For the impulse buyer, a pre-assembled package always has a sales advantage. They can pick it up, try it, like it and reach for their wallet. Instant gratification: It’s the American Way, right? SIG SAUER led out of the starting gate with this concept. They were the first to put together a package with all their own gear, starting with their proprietary ROMEO red dot atop their hugely popular P320 pistol.