Diversify Your Customer Base

Robb Wolf of Renton Fish & Game Club, which has the largest ASI, IDPA and USPSA programs in Washington, shared similar insights.

“We’ve been partners of ASI since they started, and not only have we experienced an increase in new shooters as a result, but more specifically we’re seeing increases among historically hard to reach demographics including women, minorities, couples and those in their 20s and 30s,” he noted.

When asked why ASI is so appealing to women, Wolf said the fun, relaxing atmosphere helps counter the intimidation factor.

“When most people think of shooting matches, they think of all these guys running around who look like gunslingers,” he added. “You don’t have that with ASI matches.”

Renton Fish & Game Club hosts one ASI match each month on the second Saturday, and they host informal practice sessions for two hours every Thursday.

“We make money not just on the match fees, but also on increased annual range memberships,” said Wolf. “People often opt for the $160 annual range membership versus paying $20 each time they want to visit the range for practice.”

Although Renton Fish & Game Club doesn’t sell firearms, returning ASI shooters have helped drive ammunition and accessory sales.