Offer Other Solutions

Firearms aren’t the only self-defense item I keep with me. I’ve completed multiple self-defense classes and am always looking to learn from new courses. As a retailer, you can do your patrons a favor by posting reputable concealed carry and self-defense classes.

It also serves well to remind them in addition to their firearm, they should carry other items for protection. You need to stock a variety of apparatus they can use to protect themselves. Knives, tactical pens, flashlights and pepper spray are at the top of most people’s self-defense lists.

Danny Todd, owner of Avondale, Ariz.-based AZFirearms, said, “I always keep SABRE Red pepper spray on hand. With a gel spray, it’s one of the best and it’s something people can carry if they aren’t confident with a gun.”

Whether we carry a firearm, pepper spray or other item, we need to train with them. Dan Kidder, chief instructor at On Target Defensive Training (Cedar City, Utah), shared some starting points for dealers.

“Defensive knives are a good place to start,” he said. “Look also at carrying a tactical pen and pepper spray. The TigerLight with Bluetooth and GPS beacon is another good one.”