1. Self-Defense Classes Spur Sales

Anonymous Retailer A mom-and-pop retailer based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (preferring to stay anonymous for this article) recently implemented a monthly women’s self-defense night at their store to empower and educate the women in their community. The store hired a local self-defense instructor, and paid $50 of the instructor’s one-hour group rate — leaving the remaining fee to be paid at $10 per participant for approximately 20 participants. Initially, the owners were worried they wouldn’t be able to get 20 women to show up to the first event, so they were in awe when 50 women signed up! As an added bonus, many of the participants came early or stayed late to browse around the store, some of which resulted in additional sales during a time when business was typically slow.

After hosting four monthly events, this store’s women’s self-defense night is now so popular they’ve had to split the training into two different classes. (Each class is fully booked with 40 women.) The popularity of the class has allowed the store to increase the fee to $20 per student. The owners noted there’s consistently been a $500 increase in sales on the nights they host the classes, adding 5% in revenue to the bottom line.