Shelf Space Limits

For dealers who don’t have the showroom capacity at their disposal like Kittery Trading Post, shelf space is limited and often plays a large role in the amount of niche products they are able to carry.

“We understand this challenge and have worked with dealers to provide a solution,” said Joe Huston, VP and general manager of the SIG SAUER Airgun Division. The manufacturer has developed stand-alone airgun displays with a small 2-foot square footprint to hold several air rifles and pistols.

“Once dealers get them off the bottom shelf and give customers the opportunity to hold and touch them, these products have the potential to be impulse purchases. Dealers ultimately benefit from the incremental sales and margins that go along with that,” he added.

Relatively new to the airgun market, SIG SAUER saw a unique growth opportunity and decided to expand their business into this segment and encourages dealers to do the same.