Tips For Ranges

Gun ranges are also seeing all-time lows in attendance. Whether you’re open to the public or are membership-based, this will impact your business either way. Keeping ammunition on hand, even if you aren’t making much of a profit from the markup, will help keep the range in use. Many ranges are limiting sales to one box of ammo per person, per day, and only if they plan to use it at the range.

Ranges ought to consider allowing airguns at the range and even host airgun matches. Yes, one of the perks of using airguns is the ability to shoot them in a home or backyard, but people enjoy the social aspect of shooting.

Ranges can also host gatherings once or twice a month that don’t require live fire. Bring in a special guest to discuss topics such as training strategies, politics, understanding the Constitution or just a gathering of like-minded people. This creates a sense of community that might feel slightly diminished from the loss of range activities — and by charging a small attendance fee, keep revenue coming in.