Turn Times Matter

The last item I want to touch on is efficiency. If you can turn lanes faster, you don’t need to build as many lanes.

Last time I checked, most ranges were averaging 51 minutes per shooting visit. If you estimate the number of lanes you need using 51 minutes versus the traditional 60 minutes, you can cut your lane count by 15%. In other words, 14 lanes drops to 12 lanes, freeing up 1,000 sq. ft. of valuable space for retail, storage or classrooms.

In summary, what smart operators have learned over the past few years is it pays to question traditional industry logic.

Why does thinking smaller and leaner matter? Because smaller, more efficient ranges are easier to run and less expensive to build. Why make ranges less expensive? Because funding is the largest obstacle to getting more ranges open. Why do we need more ranges? Because adding more ranges closer to population centers is the fastest way to get more people shooting. And if there’s anything we can agree on, it’s the importance of better serving and growing our industry.

B.A. Stear is the founder of Shoot Indoors Franchising LLC, a Colorado-based company which supports a growing number of shooting range franchises under the ‘Shoot Indoors’ brand, and the designer of the patented Taper-Range.