Retail Reload

Bring Customers In The Door With
These Tried-And-True Products

Along with stocking the hottest 2022 new products — which you’ll get to see in the coming pages — keeping a robust selection of “first in, first out” products is a sound strategy to generate add-on sales.

Here’s a selection of handpicked products consistently demanded by consumers of the brands featured in this sponsored Retail Reload installment.


Store owners and show exhibitors will love ADCO’s Trigger Traps for many reasons. In store, many racks have guns inviting people to handle and dry-fire for recreation rather than considering a purchase. Trigger Trap is a low-cost way to prevent such mishandling. Even behind the counter, having a Trigger Trap on new guns keeps them “new.” It’s re-useable and works well with most common firearms, but can be modified to fit unique handgun, rifle or shotgun designs. Sold postage paid in a 10-pack for $19.95 and 100-pack for $99.90; available with 15” or 8” zip ties. Great for consumer’s storage, too. Call 800-775-3687 or 781-935-1799 for fast service.


The Galil ACE GEN II Rifle and Pistol in either 5.56 NATO or 7.62x39mm caliber builds upon the fan-favorite Galil ACE and was created based on real feedback from real customers using our gun in the field. Modeled after the legendary AK-47 and Valmet RK 62, the Galil family never stops improving. The new Galil ACE GEN II’s have a shorter safety profile and throw, Free Float M-LOK rail forearm, 30-round capacity and an updated trigger profile.

Shockwave Technologies

Shockwave Technologies’ Stinger Grip for CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 features a cutting-edge design with an ergonomic grip angle for natural wrist placement. An integrated “receiver extension” lowers hand placement for optimized trigger pull, ensuring the user’s trigger finger no longer hits the safety lever. Mounting hardware included. Molded of tough, glass-filled polymer. The Stinger Grip is also compatible with select Magpul floorplates (not included). Veteran-designed and available in black, FDE, OD green and stealth gray.

Henrich Technology Co. Ltd.

The LICOS is an integrated laser rangefinder that’s inserted directly into a red dot sight. It allows the user to range the distance to the target, then displays accurate data for point of aim. A wireless remote can be mounted anywhere to the stock and takes a single press to provide the range; the LICOS does the rest of the work. A long button press on the remote even puts the sight into scan mode, allowing users to steadily range multiple objects at various distances in real time.