Retail Reload


Along with stocking the hottest new products — which you’ll be privy to on the following pages — maintaining a robust selection of “first in, first out” products is a surefire strategy to generate sales. Here’s a selection of handpicked products consistently demanded by consumers of the brands featured in this Retail Reload installment.

Aguila Ammunition

Nearly doubling the capacity of shotguns, Aguila’s Minishell line features 1.75″ shells and is available in 12GA as 7 1/2-shot, buckshot and lead slug options. Velocities range from 1,175 (7 1/2 shot) to 1,250 (buckshot, slug) fps. Perfect for pump-action and over/under shotguns, the Minishell is a low-recoil cartridge used for home-defense purposes or introducing youth and new shooters to shotgunning.

(888) 452-4019

PrOlix Lubricant

PrOlix has launched a new look for its top-class cleaning products. It debuted its Bio-Tech product line to clean, preserve and lubricate in 1995, and was the first pioneer of a successful “all in one” gun-care product, now deemed “Bio-Technology.” Its recyclable (strain and reuse) products are made of 89% (or greater) renewable resources. PrOlix removes carbon, copper, lead, shotgun plastic residues and black powder. PrOlix has many practical uses and won’t damage wood, freeze or flash off.

(800) 248-5823


The IWI Jericho Enhanced is designed to perform under any and all circumstances. With a new hammer profile, adjustable backstraps, a reprofiled trigger, an enhanced safety lever and Novak sights, it’s well suited for both defense and tactical purposes while also living up to IWI’s exceptionally high standards for reliable performance, accuracy and quality construction.

(717) 695-2081


The EOTECH Vudu 5-25×50 FFP Riflescope is a favorite optic of law enforcement, military and precision rifle competitors. It features edge-to-edge clarity and true color representation images in a lightweight (29.5 oz.) compact unit 11.2” long. The Vudu 5-25 combines reliable first focal plane ranging with a unique push/pull elevation turret locking system. EOTECH’s EZ Chek Zero Stop promotes effortless adjustment and instant return to zero. It’s available in one of two reticle choices: HORUS H59 and MD3.

(888) 368-4656

Business Control Systems

The OneStep system from Business Control Systems is the simplest, most efficient way to manage a retail or distribution firearm business. Its structure accommodates small and large retailers and distributors. The simple, efficient flow is easy to learn and implement.

(732) 283-1300, Ext. 233

SABRE — Security Equipment Corp.

The SABRE Pepper Spray Launcher Home Defense Kit home security and personal safety solution provides maximum strength protection with up to 150′ of additional distance in comparison to standard pepper spray products, increasing the odds of escaping a dangerous situation. Effective and easy to use, the kit provides peace of mind for at-home safety. With a form factor designed for speed, accuracy, distance, increased incapacitation and protection against multiple threats, the SABRE Pepper Spray Launcher takes home defense to the next level!

(800) 325-9568

Single-caliber cleaning kits have grown in popularity as shooters demand specialized, gun-specific maintenance products and because gun maintenance and cleaning often occur in multiple places — at home, at the range or in the field. Real Avid’s Gun Boss Multi-Kits include a caliber-specific Bore Boss for quick cleaning, and an expanded kit with all the tools users need to fully clean their firearm’s bore, action and chamber. The kits are available in .22-caliber, .223/5.56mm, .270/.280/7mm, .30/.308/7.62mm and .357/ .38/9mm.

(800) 286-0567


A 17-round, .22 LR pistol, the P17 is compact, accurate and versatile. Less than 14 oz. fully loaded and barely longer than a dollar bill, it’s extremely concealable. A threaded barrel, Picatinny-style accessory rail, ambidextrous safety, ambidextrous magazine release and three 16-round magazines come standard. The excellent trigger, fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight help extend the P17’s range. Its size, weight and caliber combine for a combination appealing to both new and experienced shooters.

(800) 515-9983

The adjustable Blade Classic (top) and Blade Stealth pistol stabilizers from Shockwave Technologies are made from high-strength glass-reinforced polymer and are manufactured to exacting tolerances. Both models fit all pistols equipped with a Mil-Spec buffer tube. Weighing in at 4.0 oz., each is quick and easy to install: Just slip it on and it locks into place. Adjustable with a simple pull mechanism. Currently available in black with FDE, ODG and gray coming soon.

(727) 877-8277