Retail Reload February 2022

Bring Customers In The Door With These Tried-And-True Products

Along with stocking the hottest 2022 new products — which you’ll get to see in the coming pages — keeping a robust selection of “first in, first out” products is a sound strategy to generate add-on sales.

Here’s a selection of handpicked products consistently demanded by consumers of the brands featured in this sponsored Retail Reload installment.

Cerus Gear

(877) 371-2586

Cerus Gear Promats represent a must-have for retailers. These gun-cleaning mats are made in the USA and are available in over 200 colors, sizes and styles. The large profit margins and their low MSRP make them an easy upsell or impulse buy. Contact Cerus Gear for more info on custom options.


(909) 594-2888

Holosun takes pistol optics to a new level with the X2 series. Based on the popular V2 series, new technologies deliver major upgrades that increase control and tactical abilities in the field. The X2 series incorporates updated programming that improves performance and usability. The Lock Mode is a key feature that prevents unintentional setting changes while the firearm is being carried. X2 Series pistol optics also feature Holosun’s side-mounted battery for painless battery replacement and Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake technologies (depending on model).

1791 Gunleather

(800) 407-1791

Building on the success of its award-winning Ultra Custom IWB holster, 1791 Gunleather’s OWB Ultra Custom Belt Holster blends the company’s exclusive brand of Kydex-like retention with the comfort and beauty of premium leather. Customizable to a customer’s daily carry needs, the OWB Ultra Custom Belt Holster features a high sweat guard, optic cut and is made from tough premium leather with Memory-Lok Technology on the inside. It’s available in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide range of firearms and is backed by 1791 Gunleather’s lifetime warranty.

Franklin Armory

(775) 783-4313

Franklin Armory has added to its lineup of Binary triggers with the BFSIII PC-C1 Binary Trigger for the Ruger PC Carbine. The PC-C1 features a curved trigger design, with a smooth uptake and crisp break for improved ergonomics and overall feel of the PC Carbine trigger. A three-position trigger, it has the following functions: Position 1, Safe (will not fire); Position 2, Semi (fires 1 round per pull); Position 3, Binary (fires 1 round on pull, and 1 round on release). With these features, the BFSIII PC-C1 is ideal for defensive use, as well as range days.

HIVIZ Shooting Systems

(800) 589-4315

Knowledgeable shotgunners will share the key to high scores and cleanly taking flying game is seeing the sights clearly, but not looking directly at them. The HIVIZ CompSight product line has set the standard, and the LiteWave H3 CompSight provides further enhancements. It comes with a green LitePite and fits most vent-ribbed shotguns with a removable front bead. The sight includes five screws in varying thread sizes to fit nearly any shotgun: 3-56/2.5mm; 5-40; 6-48; 3mm x 0.5; 3mm x 0.6.