Show Me The Goods!

Assessing customer objectives is a big part of the customer service experience.

Smoky Mountain is a cutlery store so the people coming through the door have knives on their mind.

“Our salespeople are spoiled by the fact we carry everything. It’s important you carry a variety so you can fit your customers’ needs,” Hill said. “Identify your customer as an everyday (knife) user, a hunter, a collector or an outdoorsman. Then, you can go on to type of use this knife will get and fit the customer according to steel, size, functionality and carry options.”

Korn added, “We try to make it easy for anyone to shop. We have many first-time shoppers, first-time knife people.”

With no physical display cases to contend with, KnifeCenter can promote a wide assortment, usually between 30,000 and 40,000 knives, consistently priced low, Korn informed. While they carry most of the popular manufacturers’ product lines, he believes customer representatives are “largely brand agnostic,” just wanting to give good advice. “They may have their personal favorites, but we just try to sell people the proper tool for the proper job,” he said.