ICYMI: News From
Oct. 17–20, 2022


NSSF Encourages Industry To Spread #GUNVOTE Message

With the midterms two weeks away, NSSF has created a #GUNVOTE portal with links to posters, print ads, logos and more to encourage greater participation from firearms industry businesses.

In a statement, NSSF encouraged industry leaders to add the #GUNVOTE icon to their websites — linking to gunvote.org.

“The 2022 midterm elections are quickly approaching. As a valued business leader in the firearm industry, you’re in a unique position to help educate gun owners about the importance of voting. As you know, gun owners are a powerful voting bloc and can sway an election. But the only way to be effective at the ballot box is to ensure that every gun owner who is eligible to vote is properly registered and well informed on Election Day. That is why the #GUNVOTE program is so vitally important and we can’t do it without you,” NSSF said.

For more info: gunvote.org.

Otter Technologies Partners With AIM By Tri-Tech

Otter Technologies has formed a new partnership with AIM by Tri-Tech to provide firearms and outdoors sports retailers a comprehensive digital waiver option in order to stay within legal regulations. AIM by Tri-tech has chosen Otter Waiver as its preferred option of electronic signatures that they offer to their clients.

Ben Nelson, CEO of Otter Technologies, stated: “Partnering with AIM by Tri-Tech was required to help businesses keep up with constantly changing privacy and eSignature legislation. Our integration will enable AIM by Tri-Tech’s retail clients to reach their goals and increase customer retention – and trust me, it feels good — while also leaving the responsibility of compliance measures up to Otter.”

With AIM by Tri-Tech’s software, companies can simplify their business management. It integrates with Otter Waiver, which allows retailers to collect and manage liability waivers for range usage, workshops and more. Signing those forms is possible with contactless signatures and QR codes.

“AIM by Tri-Tech’s service has been increasing its quality to provide greater value for its customers,” said Pat Murphy, president of AIM by Tri-Tech said. “Otter Technologies’ software suite provides tangible results that allow retailers time to grow while saving money and staying eSign compliant.”
For more info: otterwaiver.com/integrations/aim

Steiner MPS Approved For Duty By Texas L.E. Departments

The Steiner Micro Pistol Sight (MPS) has been approved for-duty-use status among the Lubbock and Cross Roads (Texas) police departments.

Additionally, the Arlington, Texas, SWAT unit located in the heart of the I35 corridor between Dallas and Fort Worth, has approved the optic. The Dallas PD is currently testing and evaluating the MPS for possible approval.

Borrowing the same performance and battle-proven engineering found in Steiner’s tactical optics for military and law enforcement, the MPS is constructed around a rugged, all-metal housing with enhanced sidewalls and a sealed emitter that can withstand submersion down to 10 meters.

The MPS’ recessed optic window and thick metal shroud protects the Steiner-quality lens from most direct impacts and the 1X magnification delivers a crisp, undistorted image for quick, both-eyes-open sight picture acquisition. Additional features include a bright 3.3 MOA reticle, 13,000-hour battery life, 8 brightness levels, user-selectable auto-off and multiple mounting options.

For more info: steiner-optics.com

Alien Gear Holsters, ASP Provide Free Police Training

Alien Gear Holsters announces law enforcement trainers from Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) are now outfitted with Alien Gear Holster’s latest duty holsters. The collaboration kicked off with Alien Gear executives presenting the company’s Rapid Force holsters to the training team at ASP’s recent International Trainer Certification (ATC) in Las Vegas.

ASP’s trainers travel around the world teaching the company’s sought-after integrated baton, handcuff and tactical light instructor courses. What makes the ASP program unique is it’s provided to qualified officers and agencies completely tuition-free. And this, according to Alien Gear, is what got the holster company’s attention.

“We’re passionate about officer safety and about never letting money be an obstacle to getting the best possible training,” said Alien Gear COO Sandi Little. She continued by saying Alien Gear has a similar free training program for police departments looking to adopt their level 3 retention holsters.

ASP VP of Sales Daryell Harmon said ASP has strict safety rules, including a requirement that duty weapons be replaced with the company’s well-known inert Red Guns in the training environment.

“Our Trainers appreciate great equipment,” Harmon said, “so we approached Alien Gear to see if they might want to work with us to put the safest, most advanced holsters on our duty belts.”

“Increasingly, we are receiving more requests from agencies across the country to purchase our Rapid Force duty holsters. Working with law enforcement trainers, such as our partnership with ASP, allows police officers in training to see and feel the superior performance and security our holsters provide,” said Joe Lienemann, Alien Gear Holsters director of L.E. sales.

The Rapid Force Duty Holster is designed specifically for law enforcement and military professionals. The Rapid Force Duty Holster is available in four configurations: Belt Slide, Paddle, MOLLE, and Drop Leg.

For more info: aliengearholsters.com, asp-usa.com.