ICYMI: News From
Nov. 7–11, 2022


Dott. Pietro Gussalli Beretta (center) signing the memorandum of understanding with Bryan County and
Georgia State representatives.

Beretta Holding Commits To $60 Million Investment In New U.S. Facility

Nov. 10, Dott. Pietro Gussalli Beretta, president and CEO of Beretta Holding S.A., announced the plans of Beretta Holding Group to further increase its presence in the U.S., through its recent acquisition of Norma Precision, investing $60 million in a state-of-the art manufacturing and distribution facility for ammunition to be located in Savannah, Ga.

Beretta Holding Group already employs close to 1,000 employees in the U.S. through Beretta USA, Benelli USA, Burris, Steiner eOptics and Norma Precision. This new facility offers a significant opportunity for Beretta to further increase its footprint in the U.S. by adding ammunition to its operations.

“I’m delighted to announce our commitment to invest $60 million through our newly acquired U.S. ammunition subsidiary, Norma Precision,” said Dott. Pietro Gussalli Beretta. “Together with my family and Beretta Holding, we’re very proud to add ammunition manufacturing to our U.S. presence. That is a very special moment as we can now provide our loyal and dedicated U.S. customers with a full range of locally manufactured premium products spanning from firearms to ammunition and optics, all united under the same group. We’re also supporting the local economic network by creating hundreds of new jobs.”

Norma Precision will construct a 300,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility covering the entire ammunition value chain, from manufacturing and assembly, and distribution activities while providing 600 jobs.

“This new facility offers Norma Precision a significant opportunity to expand our small arms ammunition manufacturing and distribution operations to meet our customer expectations in the United States and abroad,” said Paul Lemke, CEO of Norma Precision. “We are thankful for the support provided by Bryan County, Chatham County, local communities and the State of Georgia, and look forward to partnering with everyone as we hire, train and transfer the staff required to manufacture, sell and distribute Norma world-class ammunition and trade goods.”

For more info: beretta.com.

Celebrating Heroes Raises $1 Million To Benefit Families Of Fallen Officers

Held Oct. 27–29, the first annual Celebrating Heroes event raised $1 million for Fallen Blue, a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports families of fallen officers. The spirit of Celebrating Heroes continues with the auction of a commemorative Staccato P, hand-engraved by Griffin & Howe. All proceeds will benefit Fallen Blue.

The Celebrating Heroes event hosted law enforcement officers, competitive shooters and families from across Texas and the country. The festivities included two $100,000 PrairieFire shooting championships (one for law enforcement and one for civilians), three $10,000 virtual reality shooting competitions by AceXR and the highly anticipated debut of Staccato’s new pistol, the Staccato CS.

“As a supporter of our country’s law enforcement, first responders and military, Staccato is honored to have been a title sponsor of the first annual Celebrating Heroes event alongside Nutrient Survival, PrairieFire and AceXR,” said Nathan Horvath, CEO of Staccato. “We’re humbled to have helped raise $1 million for Fallen Blue to support the families of fallen officers, and encourage all to find ways to support those who protect our freedoms.”

Through November 30, the commemorative Celebrating Heroes Staccato P pistol is in a live online auction. The one-of-a-kind pistol is hand-engraved by Griffin & Howe and can be bid on here. All proceeds will go to Fallen Blue to benefit the families of fallen officers. Other Celebrating Heroes special edition items can also be bid on at the auction site.

For more info: celebrating-heroes.com, staccato2011.com.

Aimpoint Awarded Fire Control Systems Contract

Aimpoint was awarded a contract for supply of the Aimpoint FCS13-RE Fire Control System and TH-60 thermal sight systems to the Canadian military. The system will be used on deployed operations as the primary day and night Fire Control System (FCS) on Canada’s in-service M3 84mm Carl Gustaf produced by SAAB Dynamics. The contract was awarded through Twenty20 Insight Inc.

The FCS13-RE is a direct view, Dynamic Universal Reflex Sight that utilizes an integrated laser range finder and ballistic computer to give the gunner an aiming point corrected for range, type of munition, terrain angle and environmental conditions. The FCS13-RE provides a very high probability of first shot hit on both stationary and moving targets at extended ranges and utilizes a very intuitive user-control interface. The system purchased by Canada MOD includes the TH-60 thermal imaging sight to allow full operational capability at night.

“The FCS13-RE with TH-60 provides Canada’s soldiers with a huge increase in lethality. The FCS package being delivered will more than double the effective range of the in-service M3 84mm Carl Gustaf, greatly increase first shot hit percentage and make the weapon system fully day and night capable,” said A.J. Lutes, managing director at Twenty20 Insight Inc.

Deliveries of the Aimpoint FCS13-RE and TH-60 are scheduled for 2023. The system will be fielded by the Canadian Army.

For more info: aimpoint.com.

Otter Technologies Launches OtterText

Otter Technologies has launched an SMS text platform, OtterText. This new service enables companies to grow sales and repeat business through text marketing.

Current SMS tools were built before companies needed to comply with Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco (S.H.A.F.T.). Utilizing Otter Technologies, Alcohol & Firearms Businesses can now send/receive messages without worries of getting flagged or having their reputations ruined because they’re out of compliance.

“90% of consumers prefer texting to communicate with businesses rather than phone calls and emails. With this new (Alcohol & Firearms) compliant software, we are giving small to medium businesses that might not be able to advertise through other means an opportunity to increase their sales by communicating with these individuals via text message,” said Ben Nelson, founder and CEO of Otter Technologies.

For more info: ottertext.com.

HAVA Holds 13th Annual Family Day In San Antonio

Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) hosted another successful and rewarding National Family Day, held at the San Antonio Police Training Academy. The 13th annual event had 110 participants who enjoyed a day on the range with firearms from leading manufacturers, Cowboy Action Shooting, archery and axe throwing. Attendees were treated to live entertainment, food and prizes including stuffed backpacks (for all), numerous guns, optics and other high-end raffle items. These honored disabled veterans also enjoyed a shooting demonstration by Lena Miculek and heard from Jack Wilson, who is known for his heroic actions during a Texas church shooting in 2019.

This unique event is an effort from the outdoor industry to support veterans and their families for their sacrifice. HAVA National Family Day offers a welcoming environment for all participants including children who get to have fun with bounce houses, games and multiple activities, including toy raffles. All kids go home with a gift. HAVA provides childcare for young children so the participants and their spouses can enjoy the event.

One of the veteran attendees said, “I suffer from severe PTSD, and can’t drive a car so I had to ride my bike to the event. When I checked in, I was depressed, anxious and unhappy. Attending the HAVA event was better therapy for me than anything I’ve tried. This event puts a big smile on my face and that is very rare for me.”

For more info: honoredveterans.org

Pope and Young, Howl For Wildlife Announce Partnership

Pope and Young announced a strategic conservation partnership with Howl for Wildlife. Howl for Wildlife is a conservation organization that allows users to reach out to the correct governing authorities on attacks against hunting and our heritage with just one click.

As part of their joint effort to protect bowhunting rights, every Pope and Young membership purchased from howl.org will receive a free paid Howl Membership.

“As a lifelong bowhunter this partnership really excites me. Pope and Young was fully supportive of Howl for Wildlife even before we launched it to the public and now, we can finally work together for the same goals. This is necessary and really gets the ball rolling for the future of wildlife conservation and hunting as a whole,” stated Charles Whitwam, founder/president of Howl for Wildlife.

For more info: pope-young.org, howlforwildlife.org.