ICYMI: Industry News From
May 29–June 2, 2023


NSSF, USFWS & Taurus Release Latest Video in the “Partner with a Payer” Film Series

NSSF, in conjunction with Taurus Holdings Inc. and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), has launched “Key To Success,” another film in support of the “Partner with a Payer” initiative by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS). Highlighting the importance of the partnership that generates funding by manufacturers paying excise taxes, each video in this series showcases efforts made to maintain and improve wildlife habitats and resources.

Taxes received from manufacturers such as Taurus have totaled more than $16.1 billion (over $25 billion when adjusted for inflation) to the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (known as the Pittman- Robertson Act) in support of wildlife conservation. The collected funds are distributed to the individual states to provide opportunities such as habitat management, hunter education, improving or maintaining public target shooting ranges, and wildlife conservation programs. Doing so has supported the management of millions of acres for the public to access, with over 50,000 acres in Georgia alone.

“Manufacturers are the core of this program,” said Paul Wilkes, assistant regional director, Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, Southeast Region, in the video. “They are the ones that pay the excise tax and contribute the funds that are distributed to the state agencies. The money is then distributed to state agencies and used for projects, like the habitat management project we are witnessing today, that give back to the public and benefit wildlife habitats. Without this kind of funding, we’d see a decline in not only habitats, but conservation efforts as well.”

Taurus Holdings, Inc., one of many manufacturers that pay the excise tax, came together with wildlife professionals to discuss ways the funds are used to support Georgia wildlife and see firsthand the resources available on the ground to help hunters and support wildlife enthusiasts alike. One way the funds are employed is to conduct prescribed fires to maintain and preserve public lands, and to promote wildlife habitat and population.

These latest videos and others in the series were produced by Shine United LLC / Kingdom Filmworks for NSSF through a Multistate Conservation Grant administered by The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

For more info: www.nssf.org

Primary Arms Wholesale Joins NASGW

The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW), the association representing shooting sports wholesalers, manufacturers, and their trade partners, is proud to announce the addition of the newest wholesale member, Primary Arms Wholesale.

“NASGW is excited to add another wholesaler to our membership,” said NASGW President, Kenyon Gleason. “Primary Arms Wholesale is joining the list of top shooting sports distributors in the country and we welcome their participation and support in supplying retailers and dealers in the shooting sports distribution channel.”

Primary Arms Wholesale is a Texas-based distributor of firearms, optics and accessories, serving thousands of dealers across the shooting sports industry.

“We are thrilled to announce our new membership with NASGW,” said Özge Cumberland, SVP at Primary Arms.  “This partnership will allow us to connect with like-minded individuals and businesses in our industry and gain valuable insights and resources to enhance our services and offerings.  We look forward to collaborating with this esteemed organization and making a positive impact together.”

Primary Arms Wholesale becomes the 29th NASGW Wholesaler member and joins the largest distribution network in the shooting sports industry, accounting for approximately 65% of the firearms sales in 2022.

For more info: www.nasgw.org

Guns.com & Kinsey’s Inc. Partner To Offer Exclusive Firearms

Kinsey’s is excited to announce a new partnership between two forces in the firearms industry, Guns.com and Kinsey’s Inc. This new venture offers firearms enthusiasts unprecedented access to Kinsey’s exclusive firearms and special make-ups, all of which will be made available for purchase on Guns.com. Dealers who have signed up with Guns.com as a fulfillment source will be able to upload Kinsey’s exclusive listings immediately.

“Guns.com is excited to work with the team at Kinsey’s to offer their unique exclusive firearms to our vast consumer base,” said Jeff Tesch, director of business development of Guns.com. “Our partnership with Kinsey’s also helps our dealers grow their own inventory selection while offering it on Guns.com as well as in-store. Guns.com dealers can start listing any of Kinsey’s exclusives immediately!”

“Our partnership with Guns.com represents a natural fit for us,” said Justin Gorman, VP of sales and marketing of Kinsey’s Inc. “By bringing our exclusive firearms and special make-ups to Guns.com, we’re able to reach more firearms enthusiasts and offer our dealer network additional avenues to sell through.”

Both companies are looking forward to how this collaboration will continue to serve and grow both of their communities.

For more info: www.guns.com

QuietKat Offers Special Pricing For Military, L.E. & Enforcement Agencies

QuietKat, a manufacturer of all-terrain electric bicycles, announced its alliance with law enforcement and military agencies to provide a fast and reliable e-bike fleet program. This program is designed to help police, military and security personnel to serve and protect their communities in a more efficient and quiet manner all while giving them the power and range they need in all situations.

QuietKat’s e-bikes provide an efficient and cost-effective way to travel in urban, suburban and rural areas and even go where other vehicles would be obstructed. With their powerful motor and long-range batteries, they are capable of quick acceleration and extended distances on a single charge. The bikes are equipped with fat tires and sturdy rugged frames, making them perfect for off-road terrain and pursuits over varying surfaces.

With its state-of-the-art technology and high-quality components, all QuietKat e-bikes are designed to exceed the needs and expectations of law enforcement and military personnel.

QuietKat is part of the Vista family of brands, which includes Eagle Industries, Blackhawk, Camelback, Hoppes, Federal Ammunition, Remington and more.

For more info: www.quietkat.com

ALPS Celebrates 30 Years

ALPS (Active Lifestyle Products & Services) is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

“Enjoying the outdoors is a blessing in so many ways,” said ALPS Owner and Founder Dennis Brune. “Whether we are camping by a beautiful lakeside with our family, taking a path less traveled deep in the backcountry or even tag-teaming spring gobblers with a good friend, outdoor adventures edify the soul and instill memories that last forever. For our family and our employees, the outdoor lifestyle and our loyal customers have blessed us greatly.

Dennis and wife LaRayne began ALPS in their small garage in 1993, with the mission to create performance-driven outdoor gear at a reasonable price. What started as a line of fanny packs eventually grew to include tents, packs, camping furniture, sleep systems and more.

With the camping segment firmly established, ALPS expanded in 2007 to include the ALPS OutdoorZ brand of gear. Along the way, ALPS OutdoorZ leveraged its success to help support conservation and habitat preservation initiatives with leading organizations in the outdoor sports segment.

Not long after setting up ALPS OutdoorZ, the company entered a licensing partnership with Browning in 2009 to produce camping gear under the Browning Camping brand — gear built to align with Browning’s “The Best There Is” philosophy. This was followed by hunting products including blinds, stools and accessories produced under the Browning Hunting Blinds brand.

As the country was finally pulling out of the Great Recession, ALPS introduced another brand called Cedar Ridge in 2012. The idea of Cedar Ridge was to provide a “starter set” of camping gear and accessories for the family-friendly budget. This coincided with a strong push by ALPS to get more young people involved in outdoor recreation.

Today, ALPS and its family of brands continue to expand through innovation, new product development and refinement. The latest effort incorporates the company’s new R3 initiative. With the mission to Reduce • Reuse • Recycle, the R3 program represents an increased push to use more recycled content in materials and packaging and further mitigate environmental impact.

“As we recognize our thirtieth year of business,” Brune continued, “we also celebrate our customers who have brought us here. And in some small way, we live vicariously through them. When we pack a tent or ship a backpack, we often think, ‘Where is this going? What adventures will it see? Who is the person who will sleep in this bag? Will there be a young, first-time hunter sitting in this blind when they take their first deer?’ From the product designer who first puts pen to paper to our warehouse crew who sends the boxes out the door — it may sound trite or cliché, but it is true — we feel a personal connection to our consumers through each and every product we manufacture.”

For more info: www.alpsbrands.com

Blackhawk Earns ISO Recertification

A recent International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recertification audit was conducted to determine if Blackhawk was, and is, operating in a controlled and compliant manner. The brand passed with flying colors, receiving zero “findings” during its audit.

ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 168 national standards bodies. The network brings together experts from around the world to develop international standards ranging from IT security to health and safety to environmental management. In Blackhawk’s case, the standards are around quality management — or how well the brand follows a specific set of procedures and processes from design to production to distribution.

The brand’s recertification for ISO 9000 (specifically ISO 9001:2015) showed Blackhawk “demonstrated its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements,” and that the brand “enhanced customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.”

“By following those processes and procedures, we’re very consistent in the product we make, from design to the product going out the door to a customer,” says Colt DeCock, quality engineer at Blackhawk. “This is a pretty holistic system.”

“This is how we operate as a company,” Senior Operations Manager Scott Tuchel said. “We’re going to have these controls. We’re going to make this a priority. It’s important to us and there are benefits to certification, so we all must get in lockstep with this. It does have the effect of bringing the team together around a common cause. And then, of course, when you have a win like getting our recertification or landing a tender because we’re ISO certified, it’s something we can all celebrate together.”

For more info: www.blackhawk.com