ICYMI: Industry News From
March 25–29, 2024


NSSF Launches New Project ChildSafe Website

NSSF has re-launched ProjectChildSafe.org, a newly redesigned website with comprehensive educational materials and practical resources for gun owners on how to securely store firearms when not in use to prevent firearm accidents, suicides and thefts.

The site has a new, modern look and enhanced site navigation, and will continue to serve as a comprehensive online resource hub for a variety of audiences looking for firearm safety educational materials. The new Project ChildSafe website features downloadable toolkits for parents of young children and teens, hunters, law enforcement officers, safety instructors, educators, non-profit groups, organizational supporters and more — equipping them with easy-to-use secure storage resources and tools to discuss firearm safety with their families and communities.

Some of the site’s key features include:

Audience-specific downloadable toolkits located on the homepage,

Mental health resource page for parents and teen-adjacent adults, developed in partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,

Project ChildSafe Focus Communities page featuring an interactive map of Project ChildSafe’s impact across the country,

Enhanced educational video and materials library,

Future Hunters Pledge & Walk-Through Module that parents can explore with young children.

“Offering free educational resources to demonstrate the importance of firearm safety and to encourage secure firearm storage are vital aspects of our program’s success, “said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF president and CEO and chairman of the Project ChildSafe Foundation. “We are always looking for new ways to provide our partners with resources to promote responsible gun ownership – this new site will play an important role in educating gun owners and helping to prevent firearm accidents, thefts and misuse.”

Bill Brassard, NSSF senior director of communications said, “The new website educates gun owners on options for safe, responsible storage, which is the number-one way to help prevent firearm accidents, suicides and thefts.”

Project ChildSafe is the largest and most comprehensive firearm safety education program in the U.S., created for gun owners, by gun owners. Since its launch in 1999, Project ChildSafe has distributed more than 41 million firearm safety kits that include a gun lock and partnered with more than 15,000 law enforcement agencies across the country to promote secure firearm storage practices. As the program celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, NSSF and Project ChildSafe remain committed to educating and providing resources to gun owners and non-gun owners alike.

For more info: projectchildsafe.org

Davidson’s LIVE Continues Dealer Education Series With “Bulletproof 4473 Compliance”

Davidson’s is producing another broadcast in its series “Dealer Education Seminars.” The seminar series of Davidson’s LIVE is designed to help educate FFL retailer customers on various subjects that impact their livelihoods. Previous installments have included “Store Security” and “POS and Payment Processing.”

John “JC” Clark of FFL Consultants, in collaboration with the NSSF, will join the program and give in-depth, detailed information on remaining compliant with the revised 4473 Firearm Transaction Record. This educational seminar will provide the necessary information to Davidson’s FFL dealers so they can be assured of “bulletproof” compliance practices and procedures.

The “Bulletproof 4473 Compliance” dealer education seminar will be broadcast live on Friday, April 5, 2024, at 11 a.m., Eastern.

FFL dealers who hold accounts with Davidson’s will receive their private invitation to the broadcast via email. Those who are not current account holders can call (800) 367-4867 to set one up.

For more info: davidsonsinc.com

Alpha Silencer Rebrands To ANECHOIC, Reveals New Product Line AnechoX

Alpha Silencer, a leading manufacturer of firearm suppressors, announced it has rebranded as ANECHOIC. The rebranding reflects the company’s commitment to innovation, quality and cutting-edge technology. ANECHOIC’s new brand identity represents a new era for the company, focusing on providing state-of-the-art firearm suppressors that create silence in any environment.

“We are excited to announce our rebranding to ANECHOIC, which reflects the evolution of our company and the industry we serve,” said Miranda Cook, director of brand marketing and strategy. “Our new brand identity represents our dedication to providing ultra-light, whisper-quiet, end-user serviceable titanium suppressors with a lifetime warranty. We believe ANECHOIC is the future of firearm suppressors, and we look forward to driving explosive growth in the industry with our advanced technology.”

ANECHOIC also revealed its new product line, AnechoX. All AnechoX suppressors come equipped with the X-Baffle Anechoic Chamber System, dramatically reducing sound and virtually eliminating backpressure. This line of firearm suppressors is designed to be effective on both bolt-action and gas guns, featuring a range of suppressors for rifles, pistols and rimfires. These multi-caliber suppressors have a universal mounting system, allowing end users to use their AnechoX on many firearms.

Buck Steele, president of ANECHOIC, stated, “Our team has worked tirelessly to develop these products, and we are confident they will exceed everyone’s expectations.”

For more info: asilencer.com

OSCF Partners With Mossberg & Georgia Department Of Natural Resources

Outdoor Stewards of Conservation Foundation (OSCF) has partnered with Mossberg and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GADNR) for a new episode of “Connecting with Conservation.” This video series was developed to thank America’s 60+ million active HATS (Hunters, Anglers, Trappers and Shooters) for being primary funders of land, fish and wildlife conservation in the United States.

OSCF’s series, “Connecting with Conservation,” collaborates with industry manufacturers and state agencies. The latest video showcases a visit to the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center managed by the GADNR and a visit with Mossberg staff to share how purchasing a hunting license, ammunition or a firearm helps improve both wildlife populations and their habitats.

“The Georgia Department of Natural Resources and O.F. Mossberg & Sons are integral parts of the wildlife conservation cycle, and we thank them for everything they do,” said OSCF’s Executive Director Jim Curcuruto. “Most of all we want to thank our fellow hunters, anglers, trappers and shooters for buying hunting and fishing licenses, as well as outdoor products like firearms, ammunition, bows, arrows, rods, reels and lures that support conservation funding efforts. Without the support of HATS, state fish and wildlife agencies would not be able to do all the great conservation work they do, so thank you for being primary funders of conservation.”

For more than 75 years, this partnership between hunters, sport shooters and the firearms and ammunition industry has helped fund wildlife conservation and public access to natural resources in America. To date, more than $7 billion has been collected from manufacturers and made available to states for their conservation efforts.

To watch the latest episode of “Connecting with Conservation,” visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CpL_SnJO5s

For more info: outdoorstewards.org

Iron Valley Supply & Celerant Open Drop Shipping Capabilities For FFLs

Celerant Technology announced the expansion of its integration with Iron Valley Supply, allowing Celerant’s FFL dealers who use the Iron Valley Supply integration to offer their customers drop shipping. Celerant is the first partner with which Iron Valley Supply has opened the drop shipping integration.

Dealers using Celerant’s point of sale and eCommerce software can already seamlessly integrate Iron Valley Supply’s online product feed onto their websites and in-store kiosks. With the new addition of drop shipping capabilities, firearms dealers can now sell an ‘endless aisle’ of products to their customers without having to stock the merchandise. Any product that Iron Valley Supply has in stock in their massive warehouse, dealers can make available for sale by enabling the distributor to drop ship on their behalf. Depending on the item purchased, the order will either ship directly to the consumer or to a local FFL that is pre-selected by the consumer in the case of a firearm.

“Our integration with Iron Valley Supply already helped our dealers eliminate so much manual effort, and automate replenishment,” stated Ian Goldman, president and CEO of Celerant. “Now, with the addition of drop ship, dealers can offer and sell many more products, both in store and online, and have the vendor do the heavy lifting for them. Being able to offer such a wider product line, without even stocking the merchandise on-site, helps our dealers continue to be competitive and ensure customer retention.”

For more info: celerant.com/iron-valley