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From July 1–5, 2024


NSSF Launches Project ChildSafe With Gunsite Academy, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office & Area Police Departments

NSSF joined with industry partner Gunsite Academy along with Sheriff David Rhodes of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) and representatives of the Prescott P.D., Prescott Valley P.D. and Chino Valley P.D. to bring NSSF’s Project ChildSafe and its message of preventing unauthorized access to firearms to greater Prescott, Ariz.

NSSF has provided thousands of firearm safety kits, each kit including a gun lock and safety brochure, to the community for distribution to gun owners and their families. The local partners will take advantage of the week-long Prescott Frontier Days/The World’s Oldest Rodeo to distribute Project ChildSafe cable gun locks and firearm safety literature.

At a press conference on the steps of the Yavapai County Courthouse, NSSF’s Bill Brassard, Senior Director of Communications, emphasized that “no one wants their firearm in the hands of an unsupervised child, a person with suicidal thoughts or a thief who might use the firearm to commit a crime.”

He added, “Hiding a gun is not safe storage. Gun owners have many storage options to choose from to prevent unwanted access, including lock boxes, safes for homes and vehicles and digital devices. There’s a device to meet every gun owner’s storage needs.”

Sheriff Rhodes said, “The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office is a leader in firearms safety and continues working hard to keep our communities safe. While we firmly believe firearm ownership is the right of all Americans, we also believe with that right comes responsibility. The responsibility to keep your firearm safe and secure, preventing gun accidents, theft and misuse. YCSO is proud to partner with the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Project Childsafe program and Gunsite Academy to ensure all gun owners have the necessary safety and education materials to keep their homes safe and secure.”

Ken Campbell, CEO of Gunsite Academy, said, “Gunsite Academy has been at the forefront of firearm safety and training for almost 50 years. Our founder, the late Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper simplified and codified the safety rules into four simple and succinct parts. These rules are now universally copied and promoted. Gunsite is proud to partner with the Yavapaii County Sheriff’s Office and the National Shooting Sports Foundation to continue promoting gun safety and proper training.”

Project ChildSafe is marking its 25th year of promoting safe firearm handling and secure storage. The program began in 1999 in five pilot cities and grew to be embraced as a community firearm safety program throughout the country. Today, Project ChildSafe operates in all 50 states and the five U.S. territories, has worked with more than 15,000 law enforcement partners and distributed more than 41 million firearm safety kits that each include a cable gun lock. The program helps gun owners and their families determine which safety devices can best meet their secure storage needs by providing resources such as this safe storage options infographic and this video that provides tips to parents about having regular conversations with their children about gun safety.

According to National Safety Council data from 2022, preventable firearm injury related deaths have declined by 39.2% over the past 20 years, coinciding with Project ChildSafe’s efforts.

For more info: nssf.org, projectchildsafe.org

C&H Precision Family Of Companies Completes Acquisition Of Paragon

C&H Family of Companies (owner of C&H Precision) announced the successful acquisition of Paragon, a firearms cleaning solution company based in Florida. The entity continues to look for strategic acquisitions in the same and adjacent markets.

In August 2023, C&H Companies acquired a majority stake in Paragon from its founding members, initiating a strategic partnership designed to enhance the capabilities and market presence of both companies. As of June 2024, C&H Companies has completed the acquisition and assumes full ownership of Paragon.

“This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our ongoing growth and expansion within the firearms sector,” said Buck Holly, founder and CEO of C&H Precision Family of Companies. “We are eager to integrate Paragon’s innovative products and expertise into our operations, which will undoubtedly strengthen our market position and enhance our ability to serve our customers.”

The full acquisition of Paragon underscores C&H Companies’ commitment to broadening its product offerings and sharpening its competitive edge. Customers and partners can expect a continued commitment to excellence in both service and product quality.

C&H Companies broke ground on its new home in Bryan County, G​a.​ in March of 2024. The facility in the city of Richmond Hill will span 50,000 sq. ft., create up to 60 jobs and become a place for the community to gather. All Paragon operations will operate out of the C&H Companies headquarters upon completion of the complex.

In plans released earlier, the C&H Companies campus will include state of the art manufacturing, indoor shooting ranges for the public and law enforcement, a retail store with Federal Firearms License, a sandwich and coffee shop and more. This multi-use facility will not only increase C&H Companies’ manufacturing and design capacity to support its growing business needs, but it will increase the company’s involvement and contributions to the local community.

For more info: chpws.com

Outdoor Alabama To Distribute Biodegradable “Fill A Bags” At Public Events

Outdoor Stewards of Conservation Foundation (OSCF) welcomed the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) as the latest partner in conservation with OSCF’s “Fill A Bag While Filling Your Tag” national conservation engagement program.

The “Fill a Bag” program works with partners in conservation like ADCNR, also known as Outdoor Alabama, to distribute reusable, biodegradable bags to people who enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, trapping and target shooting. These sportsmen and sportswomen are asked to take the bag with them when they head outside, and should they happen upon trash like an aluminum can or a mylar balloon, use the bag to take that trash out of nature. The conservationists are asked to show other people the “Trophy Trash” they found by posting a photo or brief video to their social media to show others who the true stewards of conservation are. Examples of such posts can be found on Instagram by visiting @OutdoorStewards.

“Outdoor Alabama gets it,” noted Jim Curcuruto, executive director of Outdoor Stewards of Conservation Foundation. “They know that their customers who enjoy hunting, fishing, trapping and/or target shooting in Alabama are primary funders, and stewards of land, fish and wildlife conservation in the Cotton State. The ‘Fill A Bag’ program is a great way for their customers to get credit for taking care of the environment. We thank Outdoor Alabama for promoting the positive contributions of outdoors folks by being a partner in conservation with this unique program.”

More than 100,000 reusable, biodegradable bags have been distributed to hunters, anglers, trappers and shooters (HATS) nationwide who have used the bags to remove tons of “Trophy Trash” from nature.

ADCNR Marketing and Communications Director, Billy Pope mentioned, “We are proud of all our customers for all they do to support conservation efforts throughout Alabama. The ‘Fill A Bag’ program through Outdoor Stewards is a natural partnership that we are excited to enter.”

Alabamians can get their free biodegradable bags by visiting the Outdoor Alabama exhibit booth at any of these upcoming events:

July 12–14, 2024 at the TN Valley Hunting and Fishing Expo in Huntsville, Ala.

July 19–21, 2024 at the World Deer Expo in Birmingham, Ala.

August 16–18, 2024 at the Buckmasters Expo in Montgomery, Ala.

For more info: outdoorstewards.org, outdooralabama.com

Silencer Central Announces Partnership With EuroOptic.com

Silencer Central announced a new strategic partnership with EuroOptic.com, a leading resource in optics, firearms and shooting accessories.

“We are excited to announce a new partnership between Silencer Central and EuroOptic.com as part of our new Delivered by Silencer Central Program,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “One of our core values, as you know, is to provide top-level customer service, and that is something EuroOptic strives for as well. As a partner in our new program, we look forward to serving their clients’ silencer needs with the same level of customer satisfaction we exemplify.”

Delivered by Silencer Central allows other retailers the ability to sell select suppressors on their platforms and have the experts in the field handle the paperwork, processing and delivery to the customer’s door.

For more info: silencercentral.com

TenPoint Celebrates 30 Years

TenPoint has reached a significant milestone: its 30th year in business. Over the past three decades, TenPoint has been at the forefront of innovation in the crossbow industry, delivering top-notch products. TenPoint’s commitment to precision, quality and customer satisfaction has driven them to excel and grow year after year. Their customers’ trust and support in TenPoint has been key in their success and they look forward to many more years of collaboration.

To celebrate this milestone, a video that highlights the journey and what’s to come was created. Industry partners and customers are invited to embed this video on their website or share it on social media pages to join the company in celebrating this achievement.

For more info: tenpointcrossbows.com