ICYMI: Industry News
From Aug. 21–25, 2023


Pyramyd AIR Announces Rebranding

Pyramyd Air announced the launch of its rebranding to Pyramyd AIR, where AIR stands for Adventures In Recreation. This move highlights their continued expansion into a broader range of outdoor recreation products and experiences.

Over the years, the company noticed its customers’ interests extend well beyond air guns and into a wider world of outdoor adventures such as hunting, fishing and more. To serve customers better, Pyramyd AIR has started to expand its product offerings with the goal of becoming a one-stop shop for all outdoor adventures.

Val Gamerman, president of Pyramyd AIR, said, “Our customers are passionate about experiencing the thrill of the outdoors, whether target shooting, hunting or being outside. We’re excited to offer a growing portfolio of products to fuel those passions, experiences, and adventures.”

The new name, Pyramyd AIR, signifies the company’s mission to outfit customers’ outdoor experiences, wherever they might be. While air guns remain a major focus in our product lineup and part of our DNA and we continue to support and grow the air gun industry, we want to help people enjoy more of the great outdoors regardless of activity. Pyramyd AIR better reflects that mission. The rebrand includes a new company logo and a new look to the website.

For more info: www.pyramydair.com

NSSF’s “Partner with a Payer” Video Highlights Osprey Restoration In New Jersey

NSSF, in partnership with Henry Repeating Arms and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Division of Fish & Wildlife, has released another film in the “Partner with a Payer” series. Each video continues to highlight the importance of wildlife conservation and management. In the “Osprey Restoration: An American Success Story” video, viewers see what is being done to revitalize and improve wildlife habitat and resources for osprey in the U.S.

“Forty to fifty years ago, ospreys were a rare species in New Jersey. The help and funding of the Pittman-Robertson Act, along with this U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) initiative, has made the work of wildlife conservation, habitat management and public resources possible,” said Kathy Clark, acting chief of the endangered species program, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Division of Fish & Wildlife. “Because of the funds received, everyone is benefiting. Not only the targeted, once-endangered species like the osprey, but people using public land for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities, and the companies who pay the excise taxes. Everyone is contributing to preserving access to the outdoors, along with wildlife and their habitats, for many years to come.”

Representatives from Henry Repeating Arms, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Division of Fish & Wildlife and USFWS came together to survey and band the current osprey population in the Tuckahoe Wildlife Management Area. This gathering allowed everyone in attendance to witness firsthand what the revenue from the excise taxes is used for and celebrate the long-standing partnership of industry and agencies. Due to the steady funding received, osprey nests in New Jersey have increased from only 50 to over 700 nests.

Companies including firearm and ammunition manufacturers and importers fund these conservation efforts by paying excise taxes established by the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (known as the Pittman-Robertson Act). More than $16.4 billion (over $25 billion when adjusted for inflation) have been contributed and distributed to individual states to allocate funds toward wildlife conservation, hunter-education programs and target shooting programs. This project was funded by the Multistate Conservation Grant Program. The latest video and others in the series were produced by Shine United LLC / Kingdom Filmworks.

For more info: www.nssf.org

Kimber Unveils New Limited Lifetime Warranty

In support of its pursuit of excellence, Kimber has strengthened its support of new and loyal product owners with a new limited lifetime warranty.

Previously, all Kimber firearms carried a one-year warranty against defects in workmanship from the manufacturer. Now, Kimber introduces its most comprehensive product warranty in their storied 30-year history. The new warranty delivers on a Kimber promise started over 30 years ago by creating a gunsmith-quality firearm at an affordable price.

This new warranty is available to all new Kimber firearms owners. Plus, to anchor support for the dedicated customers who have purchased multiple Kimbers throughout the years, original Kimber owners can go online to the Kimber website and register their firearm to be covered by this new lifetime warranty for free (a copy of the original purchase receipt is required) from now through December 31, 2023.

“Kimber recognizes that the driving force to our continued success is our loyal owners; this loyalty relies entirely on the community Kimber has built over decades with its devoted customers, and this warranty helps support that,” said Mountie Mizer, Kimber VP of sales.

To deliver an even more effortless and convenient customer experience, Kimber has also activated a consumer-friendly return portal on their website. This allows the quick and easy return of any Kimber firearm for repair, upgrade or customization directly from the Kimber factory.

“Our customer satisfaction is absolutely paramount, and being able to seamlessly deliver a return authorization for repairs and upgrades is part of making sure our customers know they come first,” said Ron Dudzic, Kimber senior director of product development and customer service.

For more info: www.kimberamerica.com

U.S. DOE Adopts LPVO From Primary Arms Optics

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently procured new PLx 1-8×24 FFP Compact Rifle Scopes with the ACSS Griffin MIL M8 Reticle through Primary Arms Government, the exclusive government distributor of Primary Arms Optics products.

The PLx 1-8x24mm FFP Compact Rifle Scope is a cutting-edge rifle optic designed to excel in military, law enforcement and security applications. At less than 9.3″ and 17 oz., the optic is one of the shortest and lightest 1-8x rifle scopes on the market. It delivers premium quality glass, an unrivaled field of view (121′ at 100 yards) and a first focal plane reticle with built-in ranging and yard-based, meter-based or MIL-based holdover stadia.

For professionals in the field, this scope is a significant force multiplier without adding excessive weight or size to duty rifles. As the sole government distributor of this optic, Primary Arms Government is proud to support the Department of Energy in its procurement.

Kelly Rosenberger, director of government Programs and Sales, said, “This success underscores the continuous commitment of Primary Arms Optics to showcase innovation to our valued agency partners, fueled by the Primary Arms Government Universal Test and Evaluation program.”

For more info: www.primaryarms.com/government

Pass It On! Partners With IHEA-USA's Learnhunting.org Platform

The IHEA-USA announced a partnership through its Learnhunting.org platform to offer educational content to mentors of Pass It On! Outdoor Mentors.

Learnhunting.org was developed by the IHEA-USA as an educational platform and serves many purposes. It offers hunter and outdoor educators modern training for the classroom with a curriculum developed by subject matter experts. These mentors and trainers can then opt in to train and mentor new adult hunters in their area. Learnhunting.org also connects adult student hunters to mentors in their area so they can experience a successful first-time hunt.

Brittany French, CEO of Pass it On! Outdoor Mentors, commented, “We are eager to partner with Learnhunting.org. They have done an incredibly thorough job of creating a user-friendly platform for outdoorsmen and women to volunteer in the outdoors. I am thankful that our volunteer mentors will be able to access educational content from their platform, and our youth hunters can pursue additional mentorship through their platform after graduating from our program.”

“LearnHunting.org was created to help both new hunters and mentors progress in their skills. We are delighted to partner with Pass It On! Outdoor Mentors to provide their volunteers with educational content that will help them progress their knowledge and skills as educators on LearnHunting.org,” added Jae Ellison, director of education for the IHEA-USA.

Learnhunting.org currently offers 10 educational courses to help outdoor educators with everything from teaching hunter and trapper education to field first aid, mentoring and more. New educational courses will be introduced regularly for mentors and students.

For more info: www.learnhunting.org