ICYMI: Dec. 13–17, 2021


EOTECH Expands To New HQ

To keep pace with increased demand and a growing product line, Michigan-based EOTECH has expanded its operations with a move to Traverse City and Plymouth. Ideally situated within Michigan’s regional technology and manufacturing hub, both cities offer a talented labor pool and enhanced supplier access.

“The choice to move was clear. Both Traverse City and Plymouth welcomed EOTECH with open arms,” said Dean Loebig, EOTECH Chief Technical & Operations Officer. “Offering an economic development incentive proved these cities wanted our business, plus it’s a strategic place to base our operations.”

Late summer, EOTECH’s new manufacturing facility was up and running at 2207 Traverse Field Road in Traverse City, Mich. It features a state-of-the art 22,000 sq. ft. building. The new headquarters, a 67,000 sq. ft. building located at 46900 Port St. Plymouth, Mich., will be fully operational by the fourth quarter 2021.

For more info: eotechinc.com.

Adam Gariglietti, owner of John’s Sport Center, stands in front of a new display
made possible by Real Avid's Pro Shop Upgrade merchandising program.

Real Avid Introduces Pro Shop Upgrade Program

Real Avid has launched a Pro Shop Upgrade merchandising program, available to Real Avid dealers. The Pro Shop Upgrade program offers retail-ready merchandising options to help retailers simplify entry into the DIY arena and capitalize on sales. These include branded aisle headers, endcap presentations and creative violators to invite customers to engage the products.

“This Pro Shop Upgrade program amplifies our assortments and takes our in-store merchandising to a new level,” said Dave Steiner, Real Avid president. “These plan-o-grammed assortments, with crisp merchandising elements, will set the high-bar for how gun tools and gun cleaning products should be presented, making it easier for the store and the consumer to find solutions and solve their gun maintenance needs. The result is maximized revenue for the store.”

John’s Sport Center Inc., located in Pittsburg, Kan., recently added this new offering from Real Avid in its retail space.

“We’re super excited about being partners and offering Real Avid’s products to our customers. The packaging is top-shelf and looks like something that deserves to be in my store,” said Adam Gariglietti, John’s Sport Center owner.

“There’s not a single SKU or list of SKUs in my store I can honestly say turn more quickly and are empty more often than Real Avid items. It’s all we stock in the shop now!”

Dealers have several choices of layouts, designs and custom planograms. Included with the order will be merchandising signage, mounting hardware, inventory backer cards, installation instructions and a detailed planogram. Contact proshop@realavid.com for additional insights.

For more info: realavid.com

ArachniGRIP Offers Dealer Display Kits

ArachniGRIP, makers of the patented Slide Spider semi-auto pistol slide grip, has debuted the ArachniGRIP sales-ready dealer floor display.

Gun dealers can order the perfect up-sale opportunity with an out-of-the-box dealer display kit from ArachniGRIP. The display ships directly to the dealer, pre-stocked with 126 ArachniGRIP Slide Spiders and ready to sell. With an MSRP of $19.99 each, dealers can turn a $1,250 profit with each display. The display unit is the dealer’s to keep and can be refilled with more stock as needed.

For more info: arachnigrip.com/dealers.

Revo Brands Acquires Outdoor Edge Cutlery

Revo Brands, the parent company of Real Avid, has added Outdoor Edge Cutlery to its family of consumer brands. The transaction closed Nov. 4, 2021.

Outdoor Edge is a manufacturer of knives and hand tools designed for outdoor enthusiasts and professional tradesmen. David Bloch founded Outdoor Edge in 1988 and for 33 years has led the continuous growth of the company. Bloch will play a key role in continuing the success of the Outdoor Edge brand and products.

Bloch commented, “I never imagined Outdoor Edge would evolve from my college knife design project at Colorado School of Mines into the leading cutlery brand of hunting knives, replaceable blade knives and home processing sets. This is a very exciting time for both me and my family as I pass the leadership torch onto Revo Brands. I’m grateful for the opportunity to assist with Outdoor Edge’s future through my passion for designing innovative knives and collaborating with our newly expanded team to take Outdoor Edge to the next level of growth for many years to come.”

Outdoor Edge will maintain an office and staff in Denver, and relocate warehousing and distribution operations in Spring 2022 to the Revo Brands facilities in Plymouth, Minn., with no disruption of operations anticipated.

“I couldn’t be happier having Outdoor Edge join our family of brands,” said Roy Wetterstrom, CEO of Revo Brands.
“We’ve admired the company for many years and feel privileged to be able to lead it through its next stage of growth.”

Revo Brands operates in partnership with Vertikal Brands, a holding company established by Clearview Capital in partnership with, and managed by, a group of outdoor industry executives, to pursue the acquisition of premium brands in the outdoor industry.

For more info: outdooredge.com, realavid.com.