How To Develop It

In your town, you can sponsor public shooting clinics, at small cost to you. You can cooperate with local school officials in seeing your future customers arrive of age with knowledge of the shooting sports.

You can supply a list of shooting films to every club in your town that holds meetings and needs programs. The more exposure to shooting you can afford the uninitiated, the better chance you have of putting them to work for you.

Take your local newspaper, radio and TV personalities shooting. Don’t just ask them to go. Pick them up and take them shooting. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. If your local news media doesn’t have any outdoor and shooting columns or programs, you and your friends should start a campaign of letters requesting them. A few letters from citizens have a startling effect on any news media; again, a startling effect.

Mention, promote, organize, assist and suggest industrial shooting programs and leagues to every industrial concern in your trade area. Some of the most active shooting groups — and shooting salespeople — are industrial leagues. By helping promote industrial leagues, you can get hundreds of new salesmen instead of dozens from other methods.