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Finding a knife can be overwhelming. The Benchmade Knife Finder makes it easy.

Few tools are more versatile than knives. Widely available in various sizes, shapes and styles with seemingly unlimited blade and handle designs, there’s a knife for every purpose and person. But while having options allows for freedom of choice, selecting a knife can also feel overwhelming.

One of the top knife manufacturers in the U.S., Benchmade offers professionals, civilians, hunters and general outdoorsmen alike more than 300 SKUs to choose from. So where does one start when guiding a customer?

I recommend the new Benchmade Knife Finder.

The Benchmade Knife Finder asks users to identify why they need a knife and how they'll use it.

Benchmade Knife Finder

As with firearms, before selecting a knife, one must first decide on its intended purpose. As such, the Benchmade Knife Finder begins by asking a simple question: What do you want to do with your knife?

Presented options include ‘Hunt/Fish,’ ‘Camp/Backpack,’ ‘Keep It On Me (Everyday Carry)’ and ‘Professional Use.’ Only able to select one, it’s important to point out many knives are capable of serving multiple purposes depending on their design, materials and features.

Upon selecting its intended purpose, users are then asked to select how often they will use the knife, with answers ranging from weekly to daily. Depending on a knife’s frequency of use, its long-term durability and edge retention — largely determined by its blade and handle materials — may be more or less critical to its user.

Next, the Knife Finder asks how the knife will be used. Listing specific tasks associated with the chosen purpose, activities include “Around The Campfire,” “In The Field,” “Opening Boxes,” “On The Jobsite,” “Rescue” and “Tactical.” As with any specialized tool, choosing the right knife for the right job can increase efficiency while decreasing effort.

After selecting the knife’s purpose, frequency of use and intended task, users are able to select their preferred style. From fixed blades to folders, manual-openers to automatics, each knife style has its pros and cons. Smaller folding knives are more convenient for pocket carry while fixed blades often provide larger cutting edges, whereas automatics are quicker to deploy than simple, but reliable, manual-openers.

Users are then asked to select their preference of color and ideal knife weight before finally hitting submit and unveiling their best knife match.

My Knife Finder best matches: Benchmade CLA (top) and North Fork (bottom).

My Best Matches

Regularly carrying a Benchmade 8551BK Mediator, I was curious which models the Knife Finder would recommend me for everyday carry and outdoors use. Below were my results:

Purpose: Keep It On me (Everyday Carry)
Frequency: Throughout The Day
Task: I Use It For Everything
Style: Automatic
Color: Classic Darks
Weight: Ultra Light
Best Match: Benchmade 4300 CLA

Purpose: Camp/Backpack
Frequency: Mostly Weekend Trips
Task: Around The Campfire
Style: Manual-Opening
Color: Neutral Earth Tones
Weight: Standard Weight
Best Match: Benchmade 15031-2 North Fork

In review, the Benchmade Knife Finder isn’t perfect, but it’s a new tool and a great place to start for those interested in purchasing their first knife or Benchmade. Perhaps what it does best is prove finding a knife doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating. By just answering a few questions, one can narrow down their options and find a knife that meets their needs.

So, what’s your best match?

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