1. Define & Conquer

One of the very first steps to take in achieving cutlery sale success is defining your customer base and buying knife and tool stock accordingly. Knives are the perfect complement to firearms, and inventory should reflect your local customer base as well. To do so successfully, define your clientele and target them effectively with stock they are most likely to purchase.

How do you do this? Some stores are easy to discern. For instance, if you sell all tactical firearms you’ll more likely hit a home run with tactical knives oriented toward self-defense and everyday carry (EDC) knives.

Tactical folders of those types of customers have been dominating the cutlery market for over 25 years, so the selection in these groups is incredible. However, other determinations must be made. Knife users who are geared toward self-defense often prefer a fixed blade over a folder, so this should also factor into your buying.