What Will Be The Best-Selling New Products In 2012?

Firearm dealers, what 2012 new products do you think your customers will make best sellers in 2012?

Shooting Industry magazine wants to know, and has launched an online survey to gather the opinions of firearm retailers.

“An incredible number of new products are being introduced this year. However, which ones are really going to sell? Firearm dealers are the ones who have to close the deal on the sale of all these ‘revolutionary’ new products. Their opinions are valuable, and we’d like to hear from them,” said Russ Thurman, Shooting Industry’s publisher and editor.

The survey asks firearm dealers two questions:

• What 2012 firearm do you think will be a best seller with your customers this year?

• What other new product do you think your customers will make a best seller during 2012?

“Dealers, we’d like to hear from you and we’ll publish results of the survey in an upcoming issue of Shooting Industry,” Thurman said.

Leave your best-selling new product ideas in our comments section below.
All comments will be reviewed before being posted.

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7 thoughts on “What Will Be The Best-Selling New Products In 2012?

  1. Rich

    Daewoo’s DP51 is being reintroduced through Lionheart Industries as the LH9 with an innovative and new ‘Tri-Action’. This new pistol is going to make a big splash with an MSRP around $450.

  2. andy

    I liked the new 1911 Firing Pin Stop Tool from Secure Firearm Products. If you own a M1911 or a clone…. this is the best tool to come along since the pistol was introduced over 100 years ago!

  3. Joe

    I liked the new Firing Pin Stop Tool from Secure Firearm Products (www.securefirearmproducts.com). It’s a simple design…but extrememly easy to use and effective when cleaning your 1911. I wish I had thought of it!

  4. Ray

    I really like the new AR Beam Lokr light mount. A really cool product that’s cost affective for most people. Should do really good for the Hot Shot Tactical guys.(and gals)


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