Walther Debuts Shoot It. Love It. Buy It. Program For PPQ Series

Walther has introduced a new program for its flagship model, the PPQ series of handguns. Designated “Shoot It. Love It. Buy It.” the program combines a 30-day money back guarantee with a “try before you buy” element.

Customers who purchase a PPQ are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee from Walther. For those who don’t “love it” within 30 days, they can visit ShootItLoveItBuyIt.com and click the “Return A Firearm” button to initiate the return process. Walther will provide the shipping label and, once the PPQ is received and inspected, will issue a check for full reimbursement (including tax).

The try before you buy component enables customers to take a PPQ home for 30 days with no money down. Vouchers are available at ShootItLoveItBuyIt.com (where dealers participating in this program are listed). Once the customer applies for a voucher, Walther will pre-authorize his or her credit card for $1,000 and email a voucher number — which the customer will take to the participating store to select a PPQ model and fill out 4473 paperwork.

Customers who choose to keep their PPQ will automatically be charged the dealer’s sale price 30 days from purchase. Returns go through the ShootItLoveItBuyIt.com portal.

“This program will drive sales of Walther PPQs for our dealers to a whole new level,” said Chris Carlberg, Walther Arms VP of sales. “We’re excited to be the first manufacturer in our industry to offer a program that builds confidence in our brand via a 30-day money back guarantee and a try before you buy component.”

The Shoot It. Love It. Buy It. program, introduced Feb. 15, runs through June 30, 2019. To participate, contact your Walther Dealer Support Rep.

Visit www.waltherarms.com

Nosler Announces Rifle Dealer Program

For 2019, Nosler has introduced its Rifle Dealer Program. The company has shifted selling its production rifles from a consumer-direct model to expanding its dealer network.

“As we reemphasize our firearms business, it’s very important for us to support our dealers with a framework that allows them to take full advantage of the Nosler brand — while ensuring solid profitability and delivering the factory backing essential to success. We think this program does those things very well,” said Pat Mundy, Nosler VP of sales and marketing.

Nosler rifles are available to dealers across the U.S. with a current and valid FFL. A five-rifle initial order is required for new dealers. After the initial qualifying order, one-rifle minimum order for the remainder of program year is required. Nosler rifles are built according to a production schedule, while the company’s custom rifles are built-to-order.

The Nosler Rifle Dealer Program is separate from the standard Nosler Component/Ammunition Sales Program, and does not permit dealers to freely order Nosler components or ammunition if they have not been approved to do so. However, Nosler rifle dealers will be allowed to place a minimum $5,000 order for ammunition and components at dealer pricing.

Orders can be canceled up to 10 days prior to ship date and must be submitted in written form (by fax or email). Returns need prior authorization and must have an RA number issued by the Nosler factory. (Returns are subject to a 10 percent restocking fee.)

Nosler maintains a strict MAP program with standard MAP 15 percent below MSRP (but in certain cases it will be between MSRP and Dealer Pricing). Any deviation from this pricing can result in the loss of Nosler dealerships.

For ordering and support, dealers can contact Daniel Michels, rifle sales coordinator, or Elliot Sherrell, inside sales representative, at (800) 285-3701, extension 1082 and 1079, respectively.

Visit www.nosler.com

CDS Launches Electronic Logbook System

Connected Data Solutions (CDS) has launched FFLoffice.com, a new standalone electronic logbook system available through its distributor partners (RSR Group, Sports South, Davidson’s and Lipsey’s) and, for a limited time, at no cost to qualified firearms dealers.

FFLoffice.com is a fully ATF-compliant, cloud-based electronic logbook system, requiring no local software installation, server software and does not have a fixed-term contract. FFLoffice.com runs on modern PC and Mac computers/laptops using the current revision of Google’s Chrome browser software with an internet connection.

For a small additional cost the system can be upgraded to the fully integrated CDS E-Commerce, POS and Shooting Range business software solution, retaining all data previously entered into FFLoffice.com.

Notable components of FFLoffice.com’s functionality include:

E-Connect 4473 Processing: Customers can complete a Form 4473 in the dealer’s store on a computer or laptop they provide for the purpose, and the dealer submits completed Form 4473s electronically direct to LEEP (no copy and paste required). Dealers can save, print and export completed Form 4473s and logbook data anytime.

Auto-Complete Product Data: Using CDS-partnered distributors’ databases, a dealer can scan or manually enter the UPC of the firearm being received. The system will automatically populate the firearm’s manufacturer, model, type and caliber fields, along with the current cost and MSRP.

Item Movement & Inventory Reporting: This function will allow dealers to generate weekly, monthly or yearly firearm movement reports and inventory on hand with retail prices, quantities and optional cost averaging.

For a limited time, FFLoffice.com will be available at no cost to qualified dealers with current accounts in good standing with at least one of CDS’ partnered distributors — RSR Group, Sports South, Davidson’s and Lipsey’s. Dealers can contact the service professional of their choice at one of the distributors and complete a questionnaire. Once approved, CDS will provide the dealer with a login ID and access instructions. A free detailed operation guide will be available for download.

Visit www.CDSretail.com

B2B New Partnerships


Hodgdon Powder Company is now a distributor of Alliant Powder. Hodgdon does not sell direct to consumers but Alliant is immediately for sale for sporting trade customers.

1791 Gunleather has partnered with United Sporting Companies to expand its U.S. sales network.

Nosler Inc. extended its Master OEM Distributor agreement with Steele Components & Ammo.

RSR Group Inc. has welcomed CamelBak Products and Oakley Standard Issue to its offerings — adding CamelBak hydration packs and Oakley SI Ballistic Eyewear.

Rival Arms entered an agreement with Zanders Sporting Goods for distribution of multiple lines of product.

iota has signed Stocky’s Stocks as its exclusive distributor of rifle stocks for North America. The partnership currently includes iota’s KREMLIN and KRUX stocks with the KLUTCH, with a new stock for Tikka inlets coming soon.


American Buffalo Knife & Tool Co. appointed Don Hansen & Company as the sales agency of record for the 10 Midwestern states.

FoldAR named Evernham Sales Associates, Blue Ridge Marketing and Total Sales & Marketing as sales representatives for the company’s entire line of folding AR rifles, AR upper receivers and AR pistols. Each group will serve to extend the reach of FoldAR and bring their innovative products into new markets.

Meopta USA Sport Optics tapped Simpson Sales Company Inc. as its sales agency of record for the Southeastern states of Ala., Fla., Ga., Ky., Miss., N.C., S.C., Tenn. and Va.

Timney Triggers announced sales partnerships with Jeff Robles & Associates Inc. and Ken Jefferies & Associates LLC.

William J Gartland & Associates is now representing the Bear & Son Cutlery family of brands in the Eastern U.S.


Palmetto State Armory signed an exclusive production contract with THRiL USA to produce the official PSA U9 magazines compatible with the CZ Scorpion EVO.


The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) announced a strategic partnership with The Truth, a multi-faceted specialty branding and marketing agency. The Truth will provide branding and marketing services, and assist in elevating the NWTF’s hunting and conservation initiatives.

Blue August has been selected to represent Naroh Arms and Lucas Oil Outdoor Line, assisting each brand with public and media relations through brand awareness, product promotion and industry presence.

Vara Safety signed Laura Burgess Marketing to grow awareness of the company’s Reach product — a biometric handgun safe designed for immediate access with reliable security.

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