U.S. Firearms Industry 2019

The Industry’s Recovery Efforts Continue

By Jade Moldae

On the surface, several metrics paint a less-than-rosy picture of the current market facing the U.S. firearms industry. 

But, after years of unprecedented growth, the industry’s profile has likewise been enhanced significantly — attracting entirely new customer segments. Yes, the market correction of 2017 rocked the industry (with some companies unable to recover from the sudden plunge in demand) but there are certain hot spots in niche categories thriving today. Adaptable companies have recalibrated their approach, focusing on innovation and gaining business. It isn’t all “doom and gloom” …

Economic Growth Indicators

Countering the prevailing sentiment today, recent reports reveal the industry has continued to grow — despite the slowdown from peak years.

In April, NSSF published its 2019 Firearms and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact Report, showcasing the industry’s growth — incrementally rising to $52.1 billion in 2018 ($51.4 billion in 2017). Additionally, total jobs associated with the industry also climbed to nearly 312,000. Since 2008, the industry’s economic impact has risen by 171% ($19.1 billion to $52.1 billion).

Southwick Associates’ 2018 Retail Market Size Report further bolsters this case. According to the report, spending in the overall hunting and shooting sports grew 11% in 2018 — totaling $21.3 billion in retail sales. Southwick officials attribute the increase to consumers high-grading their purchases, rather than a surge in volume. The report publicized the average sale increased 20% in 2018 over 2017.

“The data shows what we suspected — the hunting and shooting markets are performing better than recent media coverage indicates,” said Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates. “Consumers are not as concerned about firearm restrictions and have shifted toward accessorizing previous years’ purchases and catching up on delayed equipment purchases. The overall market is still strong.”

Expansion Efforts Showcase Ambition

Further signifying a long-term drive, several firearms manufacturers are in the midst of expansion or relocation endeavors.

In April, CZ-USA announced a two-phase plan to invest $90 million to locate its North American headquarters at the Port of Little Rock, Ark. — the latest company to make a significant investment in a Southern state. CZ-USA’s new headquarters and manufacturing facility will create 565 jobs over the next six years, with the initial startup planned for March 2020.

Currently underway, Taurus USA’s relocation to Bainbridge, Ga., will bring all of its operations into one location. The 200,000-square-foot manufacturing center and corporate headquarters will create 300 new jobs.

Following its Jan. 2018 announcement to relocate operations from California to Wyoming, Weatherby Inc. established its Wyoming residency earlier this year and held a grand opening June 13 at its new Sheridan headquarters. This event attracted 5,000 attendees, according to company officials. 

Earlier in 2019, Magnum Research reported the full USA production of all Desert Eagle pistols — concluding a decade-long effort to bring this to fruition.

Latest Ruger, AOBC Financials

Since Ruger and American Outdoor Brands Corp. (AOBC) are both publicly traded companies — along with their status as the two largest firearms manufacturers in the U.S. — their performance serves as an important indicator on the state of the U.S. firearms industry.

May 7, Ruger reported its Q1 2019 net sales totaled $114 million, down 13.1% from the corresponding 2018 quarter ($131.2 million).

During a May 8 earnings conference call, Ruger President and CEO Chris Killoy acknowledged the challenging market but provided some prospective on the industry’s progression from 1991 to 2017.

“Over the long term this market has demonstrated very solid growth,” he said. “But along the way, the ride hasn’t always been smooth. We’ve experienced numerous political changes at the federal, state and local levels throughout this period [1991–2017]. There have been 16 year-over-year up years and 10 year-over-year down years. So it’s not always smooth sailing.”

Sales of new products — including the Pistol Caliber Carbine, EC9s pistol, Security-9 pistol and Precision Rimfire Rifle — represented $20.9 million (20%) of Ruger’s firearm sales in Q1 2019. During the earnings call, Killoy shared the company had introduced 44 new products covering 60 different models since the start of 2018.

Being an early adopter of the new Winchester .350 Legend cartridge — with three rifles introduced in April — is illustrative of Ruger’s adaptability, according to Killoy.

“Another key strength of ours is speed to market,” he said. “We’re the first major firearms manufacturer to launch rifles in this new cartridge … again another key differentiator for our company as we navigate tough markets.”

June 19, AOBC announced its Q4 2019 and full year fiscal 2019 financial results. For Q4 2019, AOBC reported net sales of $175.7 million, compared to $172 million over the corresponding 2018 quarter — a 2.2% increase. Full year net sales were $638.3 million, up 5.2% over 2018 sales ($606.9 million).

“Fiscal 2019 was a year that presented challenges for the firearms industry, including changes in the political environment and reduced consumer demand for firearms and the accessories that are attached to them, such as lights, lasers and scopes. Despite that backdrop, we delivered year-over-year growth in revenue and gross margin, and we believe we gained market share,” said James Debney, AOBC president and CEO.

The company’s firearms segment sales grew 6.3% over the prior fiscal year — buoyed by 106 new firearm SKUs, including 32 “meaningful” new products and several line extensions. The S&W Shield achieved a noteworthy milestone during this period, according to Debney.

“Our Shield family of products has become a consumer favorite, and by the end of fiscal 2019 we had shipped over 3 million Shield pistols. We’re now approaching the $1 billion milestone for cumulative sales of the Shield family of handguns,” he said.

2017 U.S. Production Insights

Since 2004, total U.S. firearms production has posted a year-over-year (YOY) increase 10 times. Even in the midst of the Great Recession, the industry continued to thrive — being labeled a “golden era” for the firearms industry in Shooting Industry’s coverage of 2010 production numbers inside the July 2012 issue. 

The drop-off from 2016’s unprecedented firearms production was inevitable after President Trump’s surprise victory and a Republican-controlled Congress. A near-decade of elevated fear-induced buying was replaced by an immediate “correction” in the market, with a surplus of products in the retail and wholesale channels ultimately leading to a turbulent business climate in 2017.

ATF’s 2017 Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Export report — the latest data available — reveals a stark decrease in domestic firearms production hit every major firearms segment. U.S. firearms production totaled 7,569,158 in 2017, representing a 29% drop from a record 10,664,318 in 2016. The 29% YOY decrease in 2017 production also marked the most dramatic on record. (Not coincidental, the last time the industry faced a YOY contraction above 20% was in 2001 — the year after Republican George W. Bush was elected president [-22.6%].)

Correlating with the significant drop in U.S. firearms production, NSSF-adjusted NICS background checks likewise experienced a downward trend (falling 11%) in 2017.

Despite being the sixth-highest total on record, 2017’s production was the industry’s lowest since 2011 — when 6,351,479 firearms were produced (also before 2017, 2011 was the last time less than 8 million firearms were manufactured domestically).

Handgun production fell by 20.9%, from a record 5,576,366 to 4,411,927 total handguns. When compared to 2015 production (4,442,458), the third-most prolific year on record for handguns, the decrease is negligible (-0.7%).

The rifle category was the hardest-hit segment in 2017, with a dramatic 40.9% drop compared to 2016 when rifle production broke the 4-million barrier (4,239,335). The steep drop-off of more than 1.7 million rifles continues to affect manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers today. For a historical perspective, 2017’s rifle total of 2,504,092 was the lowest recorded since 2011 (2,318,088).

There were also fewer shotguns made in 2017, down 23% from 2016 (848,617 to 653,139). This marked the lowest shotgun total since 2008 (630,710).

New to this year’s report are the figures for U.S. production of miscellaneous firearms. Per the ATF: “Examples of misc. firearms include pistol grip firearms, starter guns and firearm frames and receivers.” Like other categories in 2017, misc. firearm production experienced a decline: 758,634 from 833,123 in 2016, down 8.9%. (While not factored in any other metrics in this report, the misc. firearms category provides one more barometer of the overall health of the industry.)

Top 5 Producers

Ruger produced 1,614,898 firearms in 2017, replacing Smith & Wesson as the largest firearms manufacturer in the U.S. (Ruger has been the U.S.’ largest firearms manufacturer in nine of the last 10 years recorded.) The company’s total YOY production fell 18.5% from 2016 (1,981,590). Ruger’s 661,155 rifles ensured it was the top rifle manufacturer in 2017 — a first for the company since 2009, when it produced 360,005 rifles. Ruger was also the second-largest handgun maker with 953,727 produced.

Smith & Wesson’s total output dropped 29% in 2017, from its company record 2,120,910 firearms in 2016 to 1,505,211. For the fourth year in a row, S&W was the most prolific handgun maker, which totaled 1,239,834 handguns.

The third-largest firearms manufacturer was Remington, which produced 777,485 firearms — a 37.3% decline from 2016 (1,240,665).

With 572,694 firearms in 2017, SIG SAUER was the fourth-largest U.S. firearms manufacturer. Its 2017 total represented a 9.6% drop from 2016 (633,533). However, the company’s 9mm production posted an increase over 2016 — rising 6.4% (from 346,347 to 368,386).

Rounding out the top five largest U.S. firearms manufacturers, O.F. Mossberg & Sons/Maverick Arms’ output reached 391,401 firearms in 2017 (-23%). The company’s mark of 302,830 shotguns secured its place as the largest shotgun producer in the U.S., a position it also held in 2015.

Bright Spots: Niche Markets

From this year’s top 25 U.S. manufacturers, it’s worth noting there were several companies that posted YOY increases in 2017.

Heritage Mfg. Inc.’s mark of 226,065 revolvers manufactured in 2017 (the only category it’s involved in) represented a noteworthy 13.1% jump over 2016 (199,905). The company was also the leading revolver producer in 2017, topping S&W’s mark of 207,384 — a first, according to our records. All but 914 of Heritage’s revolvers were in .22.

Even though overall revolver production decreased in 2017 (-15.8%), relative new entrants to the category (or making a return, in the case of Colt) experienced substantial increases. Kimber’s production soared from 2,981 to 21,349 revolvers (all in .357), while Colt’s expanded from 943 to 7,342.

Springfield Armory experienced a windfall in its total 2017 production numbers, manufacturing 150,729 firearms (+48.2%) domestically. The company had robust growth in pistol and rifle categories, achieving increases of 13% and 133.4%, respectively.

Multiplying its firearms production by 55.1% in 2017, Kel-Tec’s mark of 150,630 firearms was driven by a sixfold increase in its rifle production (10,003 to 66,235).

International companies continue to make significant investment in their U.S. operations, evidenced by other increases in 2017. Beretta USA’s domestic pistol production expanded by 33.5% (from 43,002 to 57,411), while Walther Arms’ ballooned from 2,119 (all in .380) in 2016 to 43,248 (multiple calibers) in 2017.

Although it didn’t experience a YOY increase in 2017 (-4.4%), Henry remains in a strong position — rising from the ninth to sixth largest manufacturer in 2017. Henry also entered a new market in 2017: producing 6,146 shotguns.

U.S. Exports Continue to Climb

In contrast to domestic production, the industry’s international business posted several notable increases in 2017. Total U.S. exports surged 31.8% over 2017, increasing from 368,707 to 485,968 firearms. Pistol exports, in particular, powered this upward trajectory — jumping 59.8% (172,408 to 275,424 handguns) in 2017.

Both long-gun categories also posted increases in 2017, with rifle and shotgun exports rising 8% and 21.6%, respectively (Rifles: 147,044 to 158,871; Shotguns: 24,668 to 29,997). U.S. revolver exports represented the only category to experience a downturn in 2017, dropping 11.8% from 2016 (24,587 to 21,676).

For the second consecutive year, SIG SAUER was the top U.S. exporter and was a significant contributor to the increase in U.S. exports — with its 179,172 pistol and rifle exports constituting more than a third (36.9%) of the overall total. SIG’s pistol exports have risen dramatically since 2015, experiencing YOY increases of 135.8% in 2016 (31,486 to 74,256), and 138.9% in 2017 (74,256 to 177,414).

After several years with little movement, Remington’s firearms exports rebounded in impressive fashion in 2017. Remington exports totaled 83,605, making it the second-largest U.S. exporter — its highest ranking since 2006. This significant jump in production was aided by the company’s fully operational Southaven, Miss., worldwide distribution center that opened July 2016.

Other top U.S. exporters in 2017 and their percentage of change from 2016 include: Ruger (54,077 [-4.3%]), Smith & Wesson (50,505 [+25%]) and GLOCK (47,861 [-19.5%]).

See page 33 for charts of U.S. firearm exports of pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns.

U.S. Imports Drop

Using the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau Economic Indicators Division, U.S. import numbers from 2018 are available. Compared to 2017’s total of 4,153,805 imported firearms, U.S. companies imported 4,022,364 during 2018 — a 3.2% drop. While handgun imports decreased by 9.4% in 2018, both rifles and shotguns recorded increases, rising 17.5% and 18.9%, respectively. For the first time since 2013, the U.S. imported more than 500,000 shotguns.

For the fourth year running, Austria was the top importing country — with the U.S. importing 931,941 firearms (-22.5%). Brazil returned as the second-largest importing country, with 861,791 firearms (+13.4%), a position it has held since 2015.

Other top importing countries include: Turkey (368,322 [+15.6%]), Germany (344,986 [-2%]) and Italy (308,622 [+0.24%]). According to our records, 2018 marked the first time Turkey appeared in the top three importing countries.

Grinding Out Results In 2019

The industry has endured a difficult ride from the unprecedented heights of 2016. However, savvy companies are taking this opportunity to get more efficient, innovative and perceptive to meet the needs of the market — therefore winning sales. With the 2020 election cycle gathering momentum (the first Democratic presidential primary debate was held in Miami just days after press time), firearms sales will likely be impacted once again as the campaign trail rhetoric heats up. 

In the meantime, though, the industry will continue to grind out results in 2019. The rising tide of this past decade ensures the industry will enter this next era with sights set on establishing further growth.



NSSF removes NICS purpose code permit checks used by several states for CCW permit application checks and other purposes. The removal of this data provides a more accurate report of background checks conducted for the purchase of firearms. Visit www.nssf.org/research.

Total U.S. Firearm Production By Type 1998 — 2017

19981,284,755 1,535,690 868,6963,689,084
2001946,979 1,284,554 679,813 2,911,346
20021,088,584 1,515,286 741,325 3,345,195
20031,121,024 1,430,324 726,078 3,277,426
20041,022,610 1,325,138 731,769 3,079,517
20051,077,630 1,431,372 709,313 3,218,315
20061,406,329 1,496,505 714,618 3,614,452
20071,610,998 1,610,923 645,231 3,867,152
20082,041,134 1,734,536 630,710 4,195,873
20092,415,453 2,248,851 752,699 5,417,003
20102,817,377 1,830,556 743,378 5,391,311
20113,170,990 2,318,088 862,401 6,351,479
20124,155,240 3,168,206 949,010 8,269,456
20135,167,008 3,979,570 1,203,072 10,349,650
20144,377,501 3,379,549 935,411 8,692,461
20154,442,458 3,691,799 777,273 8,911,530
20165,576,366 4,239,335 848,617 0,664,318
20174,411,927 2,504,092 653,139 7,569,158
Total50,747,454 43,877,101 16,177,933 110,585,981

Top 25 U.S. Manufacturers 2017

Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. 781,623 172,104 661,155 161,614,898
Smith & Wesson Corp. 1,032,450 207,384 265,356 211,505,211
Remington Arms Co.59,581  448,513 269,391 777,485
SIG SAUER Inc.536,774  35,920  572,694
O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc./Maverick Arms  88,571 302,830 391,401
Henry RAC Holding Corp.  267,214 6,146 273,360
Heritage Mfg. Inc. 226,065   226,065
Kimber Mfg. Inc. 183,858 21,349 11,378 216,585
GLOCK Inc. 175,696   175,696
Springfield Inc. 81,377 69,352  150,729
SCCY Industries  150,647   150,647
Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc. 58,982 66,235 25,413 150,630
Radical Firearms 2,775  88,430  91,205
Strassell’s Machine Inc. (Hi-Point)46,015  40,511  86,526
Beretta USA Corp. 57,411  2,778 17,025 77,214
FN America  61,510  15,614  77,124
Taurus Mfg. Inc. 69,123  103 69,226
Colt’s Mfg. Co. 31,987 7,342 13,942  53,271
Browning Arms Co. 50,331  668 453 51,452
Diamondback Firearms  24,270  26,960 51,230
North American Arms Inc.80946,138   46,947
Walther Arms 43,248  1 43,249
Daniel Defense Inc. 513 34,098  34,611
Outdoor Colors  1,712 11,946 19,77633,434
Saeilo Inc.  23,646 8,615 32,261

Total includes all U.S. manufacturers.

Handgun Production By U.S. Manufacturers 2017

Smith & Wesson Corp. 1,032,450 207,384 1,239,834
Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.781,623 172,104 953,727
SIG SAUER Inc.536,774536,774
Heritage Mfg. Inc. 226,065 226,065
Kimber Mfg. Inc. 183,858 21,349 205,207
GLOCK Inc. 175,696 175,696
SCCY Industries  150,647 150,647
Springfield Inc. 81,377  81,377
Taurus International Mfg. Inc.69,123  69,123
FN America 61,510 61,510
Remington Arms Co.59,581  59,581
Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc. 58,982 58,982
Beretta USA Corp. 57,411  57,411
Browning Arms Co. 50,331 50,331
North American Arms Inc. 80946,138 46,947
Strassell’s Machine Inc. (Hi-Point) 46,015  46,015
Walther Arms 43,248  43,248
Colt’s Mfg. Co.  31,987 7,342 39,329
Cobra Enterprises Of Utah Inc. 27,905  27,905
Jimenez Arms Inc. 26,499  26,499
Charter Arms 24,310 24,310
Diamondback Firearms  24,270  24,270
Saeilo Inc. 23,646  23,646
Phoenix Arms 20,650 20,650
Bond Arms Inc. 13,33313,333
Haskell Mfg. Inc. 10,900  10,900
Magnum Research Inc. 8,367 9599,326
Century Arms Inc. 9,321  9,321
CZ-USA Inc. 8,261  6008,861
Valley Steel Stamp Inc. 7,890 7,890
Iberia Firearms Inc. 7,800 7,800
FMK Firearms Inc. 7,000 7,000
STI International  6,416 6,416
Frank Roth Co. Inc. 5,742 5,742
Wilson Combat 5,203  5,203
American Tactical Inc. 5,005  5,005
SilencerCo  4,850  4,850
Alphatech Inc. 3,450 3,450
Palmetto State Armory  3,326 3,326
KRISS USA Inc. 3,254  3,254
VLH Inc. 3,037  3,037
Radical Firearms  2,775  2,775
Trailblazer Firearms  2,723  2,723
Freedom Ordnance Mfg. Inc. 2,552  2,552
MasterPiece Arms Holding Co. 2,336  2,336
Honor Defense 2,327  2,327
Nighthawk Custom  2,299 2,299
Outdoor Colors  1,712  1,712
Whalley Precision Inc. 1,706  1,706
V Custom Inc. 1,474  1,474
Anderson Mfg. 1,448  1,448
Les Baer Custom Inc. 1,382  1,382
Coonan Inc. 1,345 1,345
Cobray Firearms Of Tennessee  987 987
Extar 950  950
CMMG Inc. 844 844
Ed Brown Products Inc. 827 827
Hudson Mfg. 770770
Bravo Co. Mfg. Inc. 593593
Full Conceal Inc. 542  542
Freedom Arms Inc. 20 498
Daniel Defense Inc. 513 513
LWRC International 492 492
U.S. Armament Corp.441 441
Podunk Inc.436 436
Del-Ton Inc.433 433
Foster Industries Inc.405 405
Cabot Gun Co. 404 404
Heizer Defense400 400
Pacific Trading Group277122399
Modern Outfitters399399
Keystone Sporting Arms395395
Westside Armory Ltd.37315388
Island View Enterprises Inc.30334337
Primary Weapons Systems Inc.329329
Windham Weaponry Inc.311311
Rock River Arms Inc.301301
Black Rifle Customs295295
Velocity 293293
Top Notch Accessories Inc. 277277
Visionary Fabrication 21746263
Barrett Firearms Mfg. Inc.244244
Standard Mfg. Co. 231231
Excel Industries Inc.221221
Angstadt Arms214214
Hardened Arms210210
Christensen Arms207207
ARES Defense Systems Inc.200200
Luxus Arms193193
Strayer Voigt Inc.193193
Meggitt Training Systems Inc.1852187
Atlas Gunworks Inc171171
Ptr Industries Inc.164164
Alex Pro Firearms 160160
Black Rain Ordnance Inc.160160
Dsktb Group 146155
Heckler & Koch Inc.140140
Good Time Outdoors Inc.139139
TNW Firearms Inc.138138
Partisan Enterprises 116116
Custom Designed Computers 109109
American Derringer Corp.104104
Alien Armory Tactical103103

Totals include all U.S. handgun manufacturers.

U.S. Pistol Production 2017

Manufacturer TO .22 TO .25 TO .32 TO .380 TO 9mm TO .50 Total
Smith & Wesson Corp. 61,997 378113,246606,732250,3941,032,450
Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. 196,582376,304163,88744,850781,623
SIG SAUER Inc. 2,22939649566,588368,38698,680536,774
GLOCK Inc.73,64694,6657,385175,696
SCCY Industries412150,235150,647
Taurus Mfg.8,948360,17269,123
FN America45,38416,12661,510
Kel-Tec CNC Industries46,6963153,6808,29158,982
Beretta USA Corp5,43218420,81030,74124457,411
Browning Arms Co.30,85919,47250,331
Strassell’s Machine Inc.
Walther Arms10,85613,60417,6881,10043,248
Cobra Enterprises
Of Utah Inc.
Jimenez Arms Inc.5,06343529911,5869,11626,499
Diamondback Firearms4,7067774,11514,67224,270
Saeilo Inc.10035,36010,0758,10823,646
Phonenix Arms16,7623,88820,650
Bond Arms Inc.14381,9161,6379,62913,333
Haskell Mfg. Inc.10,90010,900
Century Arms Inc.9,3219,321
Magnum Research INc.155016437,2178,367
CZ-USA Unc2,7275,5348,261
Ibeeria Firearms Inc.7,8007,800
FMK FIrearms Inc.7,0007,000
STI Firearms4,8901,5266,416
Wilson Combat3,3461,8575,203
American Tactical Inc.8334,1725,005
Alphatech Inc.3,4503,450
Palmetto Stage Armory1,4106243819113,326
KRISS USA Inc.1,4131,8413,254
VLH Inc.9252,1123,037
Radical Firearms1,3981,326512,775
Trailblazer Firearms2,7232,723
Freedom Ordnance Mfg.2,5522,552
MasterPiece Arms Holding2,282542,336
Honor Defense2,3272,327
Nighthawk Custom7661,5332,299
Outdoor Colors1,7121,712
Whalley Precision Inc.861,0355251,706
V Custom Inc.1,4741,474
Anderson Mfg.1,44531.448
Les Baer Custom Inc.1711,2111,382
Coonan Inc.1,3451,345
Cobray Firearms Of Tenn.499488987
CMMG. Inc27105283429844
Ed Brown Products Inc.103724827
North American Arms Inc.50440319809
Hudson Mfg.770770
Bravo Co. Mfg. Inc.593593
Full Conceal Inc.542542
Daniel Defense Inc.362151513
LWRC International47121492
U.S. Armament Corp.441441
Podunk Inc.24556135436
Del-Ton Inc.433433
Foster Industries Inc.405405
Cabot Gun Co.65339404
Heizer Defense400400

Total includes all U.S. manufacturers.

Revolver Production By U.S. Manufacturers 2017

Heritage Mfg. Inc.225,151470444226,065
Smith & Wesson Corp.7,12343,263116,82315,97324,202207,384
Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.34,483 96764,711 29,817 23,58518,541172,104
North American Arms Inc.46,138     46,138
Charter Arms4,9355893,38812,1492,1971,05224,310
Kimber Mfg. Inc.  21,349   21,349
Valley Steel Stamp Inc.  7,8907,890
Colt’s Mfg. Co.1 14506,785554577,342
Frank Roth Co. Inc.1,388 4,3545,742
Magnum Research Inc.  112  59 788959
CZ-USA Inc.  600   600
Freedom Arms Inc. 57 26 75  124216498
Pacific Trading Group  23 1 28 35 35122
Harpers Ferry Armory  58 23 81
Visionary Fabrication  9 19 206 146
Island View Enterprises 5 9191 34
BC Engineering 20    20
Arrowhead Sporting    1919
Voight, John Basil  464 4 18
TAC 47 Industries  3  8 42 17
Gemini Customs    8 7 15
Westside Armory Ltd.  4 8 315
Wild West Guns     1313
Fiddler’s Green      1010
Crosshair Customs  4   3 29

Total includes all U.S. manufacturers.

Long-Gun Production By U.S. Manufacturers 2017

Remington Arms Co. 448,513269,391717,904
Sturm, Ruger & Co.661,15516661,171
O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc./
Maverick Arms
Henry Rac Holding Corp.267,214 6,146273,360
Smith & Wesson Corp.265,35621265,377
Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc.66,23525,41391,648
Radical Firearms 88,430 88,430
Springfield Inc.69,352 69,352
Strassell’s Machine Inc. (Hi-Point)40,511 40,511
SIG SAUER Inc.64,715 35,920
Daniel Defense Inc.34,098 34,098
Outdoor Colors 11,946 19,77631,722
RP Abrasives & Machine Inc.28,982 28,982
Palmetto State Armory 28,562 28,562
Diamondback Firearms 26,960 26,960
Del-Ton Inc.24,829 49,159
American Tactical Inc.20,898 1,43222,330
Century Arms Inc.19,88819,888
Beretta USA Corp.2,778 17,02519,803
FN America 15,61415,614
IWI U.S. Inc.14,133 14,133
Colt’s Mfg. Co. 13,942 13,942
LWRC International12,413312,416
Kimber Mfg. Inc.11,378 11,378
Stag Arms 10,932 10,932
Windham Weaponry Inc.9,484 9,484
Christensen Arms8,992 8,992
Strategic Armory Corp.8,835 8,835
Saeilo Inc.12,768 8,615
IO Inc.7,460 7,460
Rock River Arms Inc.6,6676,667
Bravo Co. Mfg. Inc.6,467 6,467
Patriot Ordnance Factory Inc.5,079 5,079
Barrett Firearms Mfg. Inc.4,749 2935,042
Weatherby Inc.3,937 3,937
KRISS USA Inc.3,660 3,660
Areotek Industries 3,587 3,587
Standard Mfg. Co. 160 3,1313,291
Tactical Solutions Inc.3,247 3,247
Bear Creek Arsenal 3,023 3,023
FIME Group 2,190 5792,769
Troy Industries Inc.2,688 2,688
Freedom Ordnance Mfg. Inc.2,498 2,498
Just Right Carbines 2,444 2,444
CMMG Inc.2,3692,369
UTAS-USA Ltd. 2,3582,358
Wilson Combat2,0952532,348
Adams Arms 2,342 2,342
FMK Firearms Inc.2,316 2,316
Anderson Mfg.2,295 2,295
Black Rain Ordnance Inc.2,291 2,291
Alex Pro Firearms 2,2322,232
Seekins Precision 2,227 2,227
James River Armory2,149 2,149
Cooper Firearms Of Montana Inc. 1,9151,915
Noveske Rifleworks  1,6961,696
V Custom Inc.1,667 1,667
JP Enterprises Inc.1,614 1,614
Good Time Outdoors Inc.1,575 1,575
Arsenal Inc.1,521 1,521
Austin Precision Products Inc.1,498 1,498
Aero Precision 1,490 1,490
Fierce Firearms 1,486 1,486
Magnum Research Inc.1,483 1,483
BP Firearms Co. 1,445 1,445
Montana Rifle Co.1,396 1,396
Steyr Arms Inc.1,360 1,360
Lewis Machine & Tool Co.1,358 1,358
Modern Outfitters 1,288 1,288
PTR Industries Inc.1,277 1,277
Pneu-Dart Inc.1,248 1,248
2A Armament 1,238 1,467
TNW Firearms Inc.1,197 1,197
Kidd Innovative Design 1,182 1,182
Browning Arms Co.668 4531,121
Riley Defense Inc.1,079 1,079
Nosler Inc.1,078 1,078
Luxus Arms 1,026 1,026
Primary Weapons Systems Inc.1,017 1,017
Xli Corp.1,000 1,000
MasterPiece Arms Co.991 991
Dark Storm Industries 980 980
Fire For Effect Inc.977 977
Velocity  957957
Falkor, Sid Inc.942 1943
RWC Group 839839
Ithaca Gun Co. 4 812816
Wilson Precision Arms Inc.813 813
Knights Mfg. Co819 802
Alexander Industries Inc.789 789
Ashbury Intl. Group Inc.788 788
Gunwerks 782 782
F-1 Firearms 761 761
G A Precision  678678
Desert Tech 630 630
DoubleStar Corp.615 615
Good, William J. 565637
American Defense Mfg. 532 532
Hyperion Arms And Ammo 522 522
ARES Defense Systems Inc.514 514

Total includes all U.S. manufacturers.

U.S. Misc. Firearms Production 2017

Anderson Mfg.211,382
Palmetto State Armory128,529
O.F. Mossberg/Maverick Arms Inc.115,995
Aero Precision 78,033
Remington Arms Co. 33,936
Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.16,654
Century Arms Inc.16,163
Noreen Firearms 15,005
3rd Gen Machine Inc.10,360
New Frontier Armory 7,070
Joe Bob Outfitters 6,375
Colt’s Mfg. Co. 6,320
FosTecH Mfg. 6,028
Tennessee Arms Co. 4,892
Black Rain Ordnance Inc.4,699
American Tactical Inc.4,445
CMMG Inc.3,938
SOTA Arms Inc.3,804
Mega Arms 3,439
SMOS ARMS Inc.3,352
F-1 Firearms 3,308
Seekins Precision 3,136
E3 Arms 2,941
Defiance Machine Inc.2,911
Stillers Precision Firearms2,378
Childers Guns 2,316
KE Arms 2,282
Alexandria Pro Fab Co. Inc.2,158
Ghost Firearms 2,132
Lewis Machine & Tool Co.2,017
Strategic Armory Corps 2,013
ZEV Technologies Inc.1,956
Lone Wolf R&D 1,747
The Cutting Edge Precision Machining Scvs.1,721
EDC-Tactical 1,490
Quarter Circle 10 1,474
Dark Storm Industries 1,455
BCI Defense 1,445
Podunk Inc.1,160
Bear Creek Arsenal 1,145
Tactical Solutions Inc.1,127
Windham Weaponry Inc.1,096
Tegra Arms Inc.1,078
Smith & Wesson Corp.1,045
Knights Mfg. Co.1,030
Precision Machined Parts Inc.1,023
Kelbly’s Rifle Range Inc.1,008
Brownells Inc.931
Zermatt Arms Inc.791
James River Armory786
Cross Machine Tool Co. Inc.774
Tactical Superiority Inc.758
Lillard Mfg. Inc.731
Ares Defense Systems Inc.698
Bat Machine Co. Inc.687
Juggernaut Tactical Inc.622
McKee Inc.614
NoDak Spud 610
San Tan Tactical 560
Trinity Forge Inc.530
Patriot Ordnance Factory Inc.522
LWRC International517
The Range Tool Co. 471
Aqua Graphix 461
Quentin Laser 457
Falkor, Sid Inc.441
McKay Enterprises 388
Country Boy Enterprises Inc.348
Tactical Innovations Inc.343
Troy Industries Inc.337
Matrix Aerospace Corporation337
The Tactical Edge 323
Black Creek Precision 320
Top Notch Accessories Inc.308

Total includes all U.S. misc. firearm manufacturers. Per ATF: “Examples of miscellaneous firearms include pistol grip firearms, starter guns and firearm frames and receivers.”

Exports Pistols 2017

SIG SAUER Inc.177,414
GLOCK Inc.47,861
Smith & Wesson Corp.22,440
Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.10,534
Beretta USA Corp.4,750
Remington Arms Co. 3,022
Kimber Mfg. Inc.2,605
Colt’s Mfg. Co.1,870
Magnum Research Inc.1,002
FN America 636
Les Baer Custom Inc.492
Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc.351
Taurus International Manufacturing Inc.275
Saeilo Inc.271
SCCY Industries 270
FMK Firearms Inc.214
Rainier Arms 166
Nighthawk Custom 162
Strayer Voigt Inc.159
Springfield Inc.152
Kriss USA Inc.119
Wilsons Gun Shop Inc.111
Angstadt Arms 111
Bixler, Christopher A95
JV Industries 63
North American Arms Inc.58
Engage Armament 50
Cabot Gun Co. 37
AmChar Wholesale Inc.36
Meggitt Training Systems Inc.15
V Custom Inc.12
Worldwide Aeros Corp10
Strategic Armory Corps 10
Pioneer Gun Works Inc.10
Ramm. Karl Joseph10
Ed Brown Products Inc.9
Interfor USA Group Inc.8
Patriot Ordnance Factory Inc.6
Jacobs, Gregory Scott2
Christensen Arms2
2A Tactical 1
DTCC Inc.1
Lone Wolf R&D 1
Wilson Precision Arms Inc.1
Total Exports275,424

Exports Revolvers 2017

Smith & Wesson Corp.16,230
Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.3,992
North American Arms Inc.705
Kimber Mfg. Inc.334
Colt’s Mfg. Co.158
Charter Arms Inc.122
Magnum Research Inc.112
AmChar Wholesale Inc.10
Bixler, Christopher A.9
JV Industries2
Heritage Mfg. Inc.2
Total Exports21,676

Exports Shotguns 2017

Remington Arms Co.18,238
O.F. Mossberg/Maverick Arms Inc.10,559
Beretta USA Corp.667
Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc.514
Peetz, Robert Eugene5
Interfor USA Group Inc.3
Bixler, Christopher A.3
Wilson Combat2
R & R Racing Inc.2
JV Industries2
Nighthawk Custom1
Sizemore, Estel David1
Total Exports29,997

Exports Rifles 2017

Remington Arms Co. 62,345
Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.39,551
Smith & Wesson Corp.11,835
O.F. Mossberg/Maverick Arms Inc.11,180
Henry Rac Holding Corp.10,533
Bear Creek Arsenal 2,999
Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc.2,659
Colt’s Mfg. Co.2,097
STI Firearms1,959
SIG SAUER Inc.1,758
Troy Industries Inc.1,411
KRISS USA Inc.1,077
Just Right Carbines 990
Daniel Defense Inc.918
Kimber Mfg. Inc.859
Barrett Firearms Mfg. Inc.696
TNW Firearms Inc.613
Weatherby Inc.568
Desert Tech 420
Strategic Armory Corps357
Patriot Ordnance Factory Inc.331
Christensen Arms331
Stag Arms324
FN America 261
Springfield Armory243
Rainier Arms207
Windham Weaponry Inc.174
Anderson Mfg.167
Pneu Dart Inc.167
Kelbly’s Rifle Range Inc.155
V Custom Inc.118
Fierce Firearms 105
Lewis Machine & Tool Co.102
Riverman 101
Wilson Precision Arms Inc.96
Alexander Industries Inc.94
Tippmann Arms Co. 90
Magnum Research Inc.84
Meggitt Training Systems Inc.56
Lancer Systems53
Sarco Inc.50
Defense Research & Development 47
Primary Weapons Systems Inc.37
Nordic Components Inc.34
F-1 Firearms 31
Jacc Procurement30
Thureon Holdings 29
Powder River Rifle Co. Inc.25
Montana Rifle Co.24
Beretta USA Corp.24
Serbu Firearms Inc.21
Sage Creek Enterprises Inc.21
Interfor USA Group Inc.21
Wilson Combat20
Davco Services 20
Skyarms 20
Saeilo Inc.19
Gunwerks 19
PROOF Research Inc.18
Bixler, Christopher A17
CBE Inc.17
McAlister, Kenneth15
Knights Mfg. Co.14
Noreen Firearms 14
Austin Precision Products Inc.14
Thor Global Defense Group Inc.13
Nosler Inc.13
Ramm, Karl Joseph12
Creed Monarch Inc.11
Worldwide Aeros Corp.10
ARES Defense Systems Inc.10
AmChar Wholesale Inc.10
Ohio Ordnance Works Inc.10
Total Exports158,871

Totals include all U.S. manufacturers.

Imports — Handguns By Country 2017 & 2018

Czech Republic 140,576180,084
Italy173,394 154,276
Norway 24
South Africa 18
South Korea70
Switzerland 6,99210,660

Import data is provided by the U.S Census Bureau, Economic Indicators Division.

Imports — Rifles By Country 2017 & 2018

Australia    2 818 820
Brazil    19,23728,196 80110,73519,317 138,931
Bulgaria1,8163,000     1,8163,000
Canada 1,5671,666 2200,437170,510202,004 172,178
Czech Rep.  8,3147,938151118,75119,92827,08027,877
Denmark 79       79
Finland 35,26434,771 47  135,26835,268
France  37241713524  737544
Israel4,4632,736 22,147943 36,6153,679
Japan  53,74648,18215,60810,8317,3228,82776,67667,840
Netherlands 1    1   11
Peru   4     4
Philippines      3,7257,4303,7257,430
Poland7781,815  761    7782,576
Portugal1,9322,9185,0352,5651,070  8,0375,483
Romania5,7356,300    500  2535,7357,053
Russia8,430     8,430
Serbia8,3247019    8,39419
South Africa   102  210
Spain  149137,70856,181  37,85756,182
Sweden  1884210933  29775
Switzerland 544244883 204541172065191,634
Turkey160170   1,0002,0201,3302,020
Ukraine     2,100   2,100
U.K.  32,7772,1031,8953,336636544,7355,496

*NESOI: “Not Elsewhere Specified Or Included” — Economic Indicators Division, U.S. Bureau of Census

Imports — Shotguns & Combination Guns By Country 2017 & 2018

NESOI NESOITotal TotalComb
Austria    2 248 250191,014
Brazil  9,85714,28526,89543,81236,75258,097702,180
China 7,610 5,921  25,270 14,33732,880 20,258  
Cyprus  22  
Czech Rep.    43151543 
France 6928825352611279 4
Germany  1,6091,3761,3114214351,7973,355486247
Ireland  7  272  
Japan  790913313733926  
Pakistan     250 250  
Philippines 100  3,0003,100  
Portugal1033   1033  
Russia7,410   167,41016  
Spain 7147314,1848054,1911,550  
Sweden    91279127  
Turkey97,916157,93771,75553,89267,51785,552237,188297,381 710
U.K.  1,5372,9459689122,5053,8573423

*NESOI: “Not Elsewhere Specified Or Included” — Economic Indicators Division, U.S. Bureau of Census

Misc. Firearm Exports 2017

Colt’s Mfg. Co. 1,071
Aero Precision 406
Gwacs Armory 397
Kelbly’s Rifle Range Inc.178
Smith & Wesson Corp.91
Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.51
Windham Weaponry Inc.48
Ideal Products Inc.41
PROOF Research Inc.12
Irunguns 10
Brownells Inc.9
AmChar Wholesale Inc.8
Patriot Ordnance Factory Inc6
Diorio Mfg. Co.3
Tornado Technologies1
Total Exports2,332

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